May 19th, 2003



It's strange, how the people I see in life seem to be likeanime characters.. an idealized, simple, and impossibly flat faceto the world. It's only when you get close do you find the details.In some sense, it's a disappointment when you do, but one hopes thatone prefers the real person to their cartoon. Anime characters aredesigned to be likable, and they omit all the fine detail that'sunattractive in people.. the shaving shadow, the grease in the hair,the complexion, and all that. It's easy to like anime characters, but it'seasy to forget them too.

I've been meeting a number of people recently, in the geek stuff and thelocal atheist/agnostic community. Today I met someone from the dormantPittCFA group, and we talked for awhile on what to do, how to do it,and what resources we have. Ideas are floating around, and it'sexciting! As a bonus, I'm going to be making friends :)

I've been writing some good philosophy.. but that's the problem -- it'swritten. I don't seem to have the urge to transcribe it yet.

Last night, Creepy Guy from Law and Order revealed that he has a past.Neat. Leno's on right now, and I haven't seen him for awhile. I set up myTV yesterday... and reception is excellent... Kinda silly though, as I'mmoving very very soon.