June 2nd, 2003


Harley und Heim

Ich besuchte Cowtown, und bin jetzt zuruch.I saw many of my friends, and toured my old life there, visitingeach (well, most of, anyhow) place I lived or was otherwise significantto me. I took a quick run near Harley drive, enjoyed a nice bike ridewith Dubin, and noticed that my favorite ex-apartment, 97A West Northwood,still bears my mark -- the mailbox I got to replace the previous was still up.I had a good time with everyone I visited. After I got home, I moved my deskand the rest of my computers, so all that's left is miscellania and media.If I'm lucky, one or two more trips should do it. I am at the new place now,and while it's definitely not entirely settled (still need to IKEA), it'sstarting to feel like a home.

In some ways, I feel as if the last year has not happened -- I am in a newneighborhood, Debb as as out of my life as could be, and just now I amstarting to branch out and seek friends (and a new relationship).And now, some thoughts from the trip

  • I made the mistake of eating some chocolate, and that earned me some headaches
  • I find that I am oddly enamored with the city itself. Heading back filled me with sadness like leaving a past s.o. after a rare visit
  • I realize that there's a guy in Zets who looks like an old acquaintence from Insomnia called Dice
  • Jeff's housemate's bike, which I borrowed for the riding, inspired me to sometime get a new bike
  • Mirror lake was fun -- I visit its cousin in Schenley Parl often
  • I listened to 'Panzer Mensch' in a new light, dissecting it with my ears
  • A thought I'm playing with -- "Philosophy is self-therapy for a broken life"
  • Friends are good for introducing you to new music
  • Bob Evans -- ambassador zwc young and old
  • Skim eternity - weird imagery of surfing or flying along infinite line
  • Imagine what it would be like to be seperated from the one you love by time and not distance. Imagine knowing that the one you live won't be born for another 200 years

He stood, surveying "The Other". Some things never change.