June 12th, 2003


Resurrection of Holly

Holly's been reborn as an Athlon 1Ghz, now with 640M RAM. Inmoving the hardware that could be moved (The old Awe32 couldn'tmake it, as it was ISA, so I'm using the onboard audio on thenew system), I arranged things so it shouldn't get quite sohot (the new case is bigger, has a better CPU fan, and Iused string to add a new fan to the system, positioned behindthe giant drive, and blowing air on it), and all seems to begood. Well, kind of. The monitor on the right seems to be sufferinga bit from odd visual effects, and I'm not sure if that's a KVMthing or just a monitor age thing. Maybe I'll need to replace theright monitor the next time I get some money to blow, althoughright now my expenses are ugly enough that I know it'll be awhilebefore my accounts heal from this recent series of disasters.

I'm very happy with work, with my boss, and with what I'm doing.Woot!I also had a great time at Zets tonight.

Once Verizon gets me online, I have a lot of journal merging to do --some entries are on holly, and thus not on the internet or accessibleto me most of the time. Some are on liam (at work), and are in theseperate journal I have on my webpage, and some are in my notebookand not recorded elsewhere. Some are both in my notebook and on liam.Bleh. Still, it's very nice to be able to sit at my computer deskand have both holly and forrester up, able to complement each otherlike they're meant to.

Anyhow, I'm so sleepy I'm dizzy. Bedtime for me. I hope this hollywon't die overnight like the last one did :)

Actually, I think I might want to adjust that string fan, so I'llprobably shut it down. *shrug*



More thoughts on Iraq. I am highly amused to find that the U.S.inspectors haven't managed to fabricate some evidence yet fortheir claims of 'weapons of mass destruction', whatever those are.. :)It's not like they arn't already experienced with lying on thesematters.. Of course, they're resisting Democratic efforts to open aninvestigation into how things were handled, and Pat Roberts, pretzelsbe unto him, calls it "simply politics". Call it a running theme inmy thinking, but there's no escaping politics, and there's no reasonthat politics should be considered 'icky', as it's part of almosteverything we do. BushJr deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison,and the Republicans have shown sufficient lack of internal restraints tokeep people like him out of the process that they deserve to fall backa few notches. That's politics. Whee!

I think I might want to get a sound card for reincarnated holly -- themotherboard sound chipset can only be opened at a certain frequency, meaningthat software needs to do the rate conversion, and so big conversions makethings sound crappy. Oh well -- at least most of my mp3s sound decent.

An irritant -- people who litter on trails. On the way to work today, abouthalfway there, I saw a styrofoam cup. I start to walk by it, and realize thatit irritates me, so I go pick it up, to throw it away when I reach a trashcan at CMU. A few minutes later, I see a plastic fork, so I put it into thecup. One thing leads to another, and when I arrive at CMU, I have a cup fullof garbage left along the trail. I arrive a little bit angry. I think it wouldbe quite enjoyable if people 'adopted' trails, to keep them clean, and whenthey see people littering on their trail, they are legally permitted, withno retribution allowed, to beat that person with a stick for 15 seconds. Eitherthat, or a dump truck comes to your house and spreads half a dump into your home.Partly, it's just that it's so senseless. If you have a backpack, put yourjunk in it, and throw it away later. If you have pockets, use them. If you'rea runner type, wearing lame shorts with no pockets, you're probably notlittering anyhow because you like your trails and the outdoors. There's noexcuse I can think of for littering the trails.

Odd -- sometimes the news can't seem to getstories straight.

Also, it looks like Apple's suing to invalidate the Unix trademark, as it'sbecome generic. Go Apple!

The night before last, I had a dream for something modern artists mightdo to severely irritate Muslims, just as the feces art of Mary irritatesa lot of Christians, worldwide. A complete writing of the Qu'ran in pigdung. I must've been chuckling in my dream.

And now, on the lighter side, a list of attractive female celebrities:

  • Parminder Nagra - (starred in Bend it like Beckham)
  • Christina Aguilera - Musician
  • Jennifer Aniston - Actor
  • Halle Berry - Actor
  • Dana Owens - Actor/Musician - attractive, but not in a sexy way
  • Whoopi Goldberg - Actor - attractive, but not in a sexy way
  • Kim Greist - Actor - only with short hair
  • Cyndi Lauper - Musician - In a kitschy way

And, as a certain female someone nags me about my love life (or, rather,the lack thereof), and my lack of, as they put it, 'prospects', and asI really hate discussing those things by answering questions over the phone,I will say this. There are some people who are away from Pittsburgh forthe summer who I've been exchanging emails with who sound interesting, butI haven't seen them, so I don't know if I'm attracted to them. There arealso two people who I come into contact with on a more or less regular basis,who I'm quite attracted to, but neither of them are available. To thatperson, who I don't even know if they read this journal anyhow, I'm picky,and I'm terrible at 'breaking the ice'.

Finally, here's a list of things that irritate me:

  • People who think the 'military look' looks anything but thuggish. There's a difference between a good haircut and looking uncivilized and violence-prone
  • Strong notions of feminity and masculinity. I don't think people should look androgynous, and light versions of these concepts are fun to play with, but that's it. In day-to-day life, they should play no role, and guys who get a stupid thing going about their honour, never being wrong, bottling their emotions, and all that crap is just stupid. Gender-specific courtesy is also stupid. Be good to people, but chivalry is outmoded.
  • Prudishness. Americans are good at this (meaning that they tend to be irritatingly prudish), and are quick to mark people who arn't prudes as disgusting, promiscuous, or gay.
  • People who are unable to know or admit when they're not sure or wrong about something.
  • People who arn't curious about science, society, and other stuff
  • As mentioned above, litterers
  • People who think we can 'escape politics', and all sorts of other fluffy notions. It's fine to build your philosophical tower high, but it's important to realize that always at the bottom, regardless of how you layer things above them, lies 'power politics'. Rights are things we make, not things we discover.
  • People who have a fear of hubris. To live is to be a will, and to shape the lives of people around us.
  • People who bend over backwards to avoid pissing people off. All they do is guarantee that they'll lose to someone who does that less without being an asshole.
  • People without imagination
  • People who loathe pets and nature.
  • People with no ambition to do anything with their lives
  • Websites that require flash for basic navigation
  • Ugly web fonts
  • Giant cars that rarely are used for anything that makes the size worthwhile


First Lap

Holly has survived the daytime here, and it's disk is, after at least 12hours of running, not too hot to keep my hand on. Looks like the biggercase and stringfan paid off. Yeah!

At work ... I seem to be having problems programming recently. My creativeside is there, but the other side that actualizes the code seems to beAWOL. It's frustrating. I'm programming at about a quarter of the speedI should be. Maybe it's my internet withdrawl at home.

I stopped by the bike shop today, making a big detour from work, and gotmy fixed bike. They certainly fixed the foo out of it -- the chaindoesn't skip at all now, and the brakes .. well, I had been so used toloose breaks that don't work well that it was a shock going back tofully functional ones. I almost would like to take them back to be looseneda bit.

Oops, I forgot to finish this, went off and did my normal evening, andjust now noticed it when settling back in for the evening. Nothingnew to say though..



From: "Stomach" <sysnotice@stomach.body.pat>To: "Behavior Center" <behavior@hlvl.cog.pat>Subject: Food

We've warned you before about being careful with snacks and whatyou eat, and you've ignored us. Especially with the system not havinggotten enough sleep last night (thanks to your late night tinkeringwith computers), we've been having problems regulating sugar levels.We almost needed to take the system down to nap just now because youwere doing boring work, in the dark, in the computer lab. Unless youactually look forward to the idea of having the system shut down ina nonsecure location, please be more careful to watch what you eat a bitmore, use better lighting and other stimulation to help keep thesystem more active when in naturally tiring locations, and for goodnesssakes DON'T STARVE US OF SLEEP! 4 Hours is not enough, especially whenthe system is very used to 7 on weekdays.

Yours sincerely, Stomach and other members of the metabolism committee