June 26th, 2003



Supreme Court Invalidates anti-Homosexual Laws.It's good to see something in politics that doesn't make me angry :)

Something my brain has been chewing on -- a while ago I mentioned listeningto an atheist from Yeshiva some time back talk with some other Jews on themeaning of being a Jew. One of the things he said was on Yeshivas, and canbe generalized, perhaps, to all private, single-gender schools. He saidthat he had never dated, and couldn't imagine getting married, because hehad huge difficulties relating to women -- building emotional ties, trust,etc. He speculated that he had missed out on social interaction with theopposite gender because of the Yeshiva experience. Oddly, he didn't seemat all bitter about it -- he just seemed very matter-of-fact about hiscertainty that he won't ever have a significant other in his life.

A few thoughts:

  • Before falling in love the first time, I think it's easier for people to face a life without having someone to be in love with. I remember, before Martha, and even a bit moreso before ----, it didn't bother me at all being alone and thinking about myself as alone. I suppose it's kind of an emotional virginity, and to lose it is to be changed forever...
  • Is this always a difficulty for people going to single-gendered schools? Maybe it's akin to the difficulties reported by people who were home-schooled for a time
  • He apparently stood up to his UltraOrthodox parents at some time, and told them to accept him or consider him dead. That takes serious guts.

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