August 8th, 2003


Wired Happenings

A week or two ago, I got an email from a retired policeman who wanted to usea tech document I wrote for police training purposes. Cool. However, some of theother documents in that same set really could use some updating (that oneremains current). Anyhow, it's nice to see stuff I wrote being used for a goodcause. The recruiters are continuing to slowly pick up their activities --the rate at which I get inquiries is slowly increasing. It's nice to havethe knowledge that it might not be too hard to get a job if this one were to goaway, but I'm not looking to leave.

I continue to have sleep problems. Maybe I'll start drinking tea again beforebed -- it might help. I might also rewrite a program that I lost ages ago thatplayed nature sounds (CD I have) in a nice mix for a specified time, andslowly fades the volume until it turns off after awhile. Hmm.. I wonder ifthere are wireless stereo cord-replacements.. it'd be cool to have the soundfrom holly (once I get holly a non-sucky sound card) in my bedroom, leavingforrester's sound in the pooter room. Hmm... I need a laptop too... GAH! Ijust remembered... with classes starting soon, it's going to really reallysuck not having a laptop.. but I know I can't afford one right now. Stupidcashflow.. hmm.. actually, I could probably just charge it if/when a certainsomething happens which'll give me a bit of financial relief. Thing is, inanother month or two, it wouldn't be a problem at all. Oh well. So it goes..

I was reading a bit about the vietnam war.. it illustrates a thing aboutforeign policy that remains true about America (and other countries, probably)today -- American leaders, in order to justify war, need only bake lies thatlast long enough for there to be enough commitment to get into it, andafterwards, the justification doesn't matter so much, as people will rationalize

  • for* their country rather than pay attention to the original public reason for
the war. LBJ lied, and essentially got away with it. What can be done? Toborrow a line from some of my more partisian friends, Clinton had impeachmenthearings for lying under oath about sex, while BushJr gets nothing (yet) forlying in the State of the Union. Well, I'm not partisian, and I do seeit as being problematic that Clinton lied on that, but certainly it's a muchmuch bigger thing for BushJr(pretzels be unto him)'s given reasons for warbeing unsubstantiated, and for there being no compelling interest to invade.BushJr just had to be the cowboy, and revel in that 'righteous anger' thatinvading Afghenistan failed to sate. I'd like to see him spend the rest ofhis years in prison. Consider the stakes -- some sex acts versus a war.Clinton betrayed his family, and that's no small thing, but it's still somethingon the scale of damage to his wife and family, compared to the many dead, hugesums of money spent, and american arrogance displayed to the world again.

Oh well. Best not to get too focused on the negative. I've had a good amountof humor in my life too.. some thanks (still) to Shirley Q Liquor, a spokencomedy person, findable on ... there's a bit in one of the pieces therethat I clipped out into a wave that's just hilarous --"you is a backstabbing lie, and you is going down, baby!"Every time I hear it, it makes me smile.