August 9th, 2003



The california recall/election pisses me off. Not that I knowenough about Davis to know whether he should be recalled, butthat one of the leading candicates to replace him is Schwarzenegger.This is a good example of one thing that's messed up about democracy.He's an actor, not a political leader. Hell, the guy doesn't even havehis positions out on the table, and he's doing well. Why? Well, it'sbecause people are stupid. They're thinking of the characters Scywarzeneggerplays in his movies.. tough, getting stuff done, (usually) fights badguys... Total Recall, Terminator 2. Not terrible movies.. But politicaloffice isn't like that. There may be some advantage in having 'outsiders'come in to politics -- at least he's (probably) not in the pocket of somebig industry, but some experience would be nice, and being frank about whathe thinks would help too. It's dumb that he can get so far on just being aknown face with a cool accent. I don't know about you, dear reader, but ifI needed to have a cavity filled, I'd much rather go to a dentist than anactor or some random friend of mine.

Oh, I just wanted to call your attention to the following ratherhumorous article title, from The People's Daily:US Troops Risk Alienating Iraqis as They Kill MoreHmm. I've never visited The People's Daily before. Looks like it's China'snational newspaper. Thanks to to pointing me there..

Last night, I was really tired, and managed to get to sleep rather early.I slept until about 07:3 this morning, and went for a bit of a run. I've beenpretty much just biking recently, and it was nice for a change of pace.I really need to try to force myself back into the early morning schedule Ionce kept. By inclination, I'm a night person, but I miss theswimming that I used to do. I probably need a new suit though.. I mighttake care of that today, after groceries.