August 15th, 2003



"When its string is plucked, we can count, calculate, and generally soundclever. ... Acetylcholine also affects mood. Too loud a tone from this string,and the individual may feel depressed; too soft, and the person may veer towardseuphoria or mania" -- The Music of Brain, the Chemistry of the Lute, by M.D. Robert Pies

A few days ago, one of the labs in my building at work was moving out, andhad a general invitation to come in and take 'stuff' they had marked astrash. One of the treats which I got, probably the best treat, was a collectionof works called 'Creative Nonfiction volume 13: The Brain'. It's a collectionof nonfiction works of many kinds all of which focus in some way on thefunction or structure of the brain. Some narratives, some analogies to explainthings, etc. It's a really great find.

Although Dell built and tested my system the day I ordered it, they haven'tdone anything with it since. All it needs is to be boxed and shipped.

  • sigh*
Wally really doesn't seem to like dry food. I figured out that he is completelynon-whiny when he has wet food -- he will eat dry food, but doesn't like it.I'm not sure what to do -- cat food is cheap, so I could keep getting himwet food with no significant cost, but the last time he saw a vet, theysuggested that dry food was more healthy, at least for his teeth.Hmm.... I'm sure this is so fascinating for you all to read.