August 19th, 2003


Beating the (computer) System

I think I've been learning that it's sometimes unwise to outwit veryengineered computer systems. My Athlon at home has a mix of Redhat 8 andRedhat 9 on it, and although that seemed like a good idea at the time,it's turning out to be a major problem. I upgraded so I could use the latestgaim RPMs, well, originally, I just needed to upgrade gtk/glib, but trackingthat dependency chain (by hand) caused me to upgrade half the system,including X. And so I'm again having font problems like I used to havewhen I had a mix of 7.3 and rawhide -- whenever mozilla visits a page withrussian or arabic on it, it hangs. And now gaim's acting unstable with someother little upgrades I did on it. I'm not really sure if I want to upgradethe rest of the way to 9, do a fresh install of 9, or tough it out until 9.1comes out and do a fresh install of that. 9.1 is set to be a really awesomerelease. In my opinion, these are the interesting upgrades RedHat has givenus: 6.x->7.0, 7.1->7.2, 7.3->8.0, 9.0->9.1 (well, not yet, but the beta looksreally cool). The 8.0->9.0 upgrade was really uninteresting.

Oh, tonight is garbage night. Hmmm... good time to change the cat litter :)


Late reflections

It's late for a reflection, on a reflection that was late.Last night, I went for a long, insomniac walk.. I ended up inSchenley Park, and lay out on the grass, and just looked up fora while. It reminds me of the latenight trips I used to taketo the park back when I lived on Northwood in Columbus.. Quiettime is good for sanity. Initially, I was looking for Mars.. andalthough I did see a star that was brighter than the others thatmight've been a different color, I have some doubt as to if that wasit. Eventually, I wasn't really looking at, or for, anything. AsI jokingly thought on the way back, if I were a spiritual person,which I am not, I would say that I had a spiritual experience..Somehow, I felt as if I had decided something or resolved something.Well, maybe I have, on some subconscious level. *shrug*Of course, what does spiritual really mean? By my meaning for theterm, I certainly didn't have such an experience, but OTOH, I do wantto keep open the possibility that my thoughts and positions on things mightchange without my recording a memory of the event.. and of course,emotions and mental state in general, complex as it is, is hard to quantifyor understand sometimes, especially in the first person. Just because it allreduces to neurons, just as what computers do reduces to logic gates, doesn'tmean that some pretty deep and amazing stuff isn't present. Just because acanvas is flat doesn't mean that we can't talk about paintings having amazingdepth.

This morning, I noticed that my laptop was in town, so I called FedEx to seeif I could go pick it up instead of waiting until Friday. They said no -- Dell'sshipping rules wouldn't permit that until after the first delivery attempt.I *ALWAYS* forget, when ordering stuff, to request that they not be restrictivein how it can be redirected and stuff. All these protections for the consumerthat I don't want... But then, when I got to work, I reloaded the page, andfound that it was put on a truck for delivery today(!!). Huzzah!It's weird that it left from Columbus though.. I didn't know Dell had abase there.

Aug 19, 2003 8:18 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery PITTSBURGH PA

8:10 am Arrived at FedEx Destination Location PITTSBURGH PA

6:56 am Left FedEx Ramp PITTSBURGH PA

Aug 18, 2003 6:00 am Pickup status COLUMBUS OH Pre-routed meter pkg picked up

I haven't been inspired to code on Pound recently. I think it's the thoughtof starting with mod_perl that's putting me off. Maybe I should write somesmall sample programs when I get home, to limber up for the real coding.

Hmm. limber. I wonder if it relates to the word limb.