August 28th, 2003


Brain Performance

Woo!I love my classes.As part of the first reading assignment for Cognitive Psychology,I read about aspects of measuring brain performance on certain tasks.It touched on various performance aspects for when the brain does math.This actually is in-line with a mental exercise I did, vaguely philosophic,a few months back, attempting to determine, through introspection,various algorithms and shortcuts I use to do basic math. Surprisingly, onceyou start to chew on it, you can write pages (and I did). It's reallyneat to see some detailed timing information on the same topic. Actually,although it's rather early at this point, I might decide to make thatthe focus of my PhD and later life rather than the neural basis of memory.You know you're in the right field when a lot of what you're reading ismental candy, and still stuff you could imagine laying out in a fieldsomewhere with paper, jotting things down. Paradise, I tell you!The Philosophy class looks really great too.. it's first readingassignment went into a lot of detail on how pre-copernican astronomyworked. There was a lot more rigor in it than I thought, and it's neatto learn about the topic.

I realize that I forgot to actually copy my new schedule to my live site.If you're lazy and curious, here's the link again.

Tonight I'm going to go to the astronomy club's gathering to see marsthrough their telescopes. Because of my financial disasters, I didn't geta telescope for the event, but I will, someday. The club probably hashigher-end stuff than I'm likely to get anyhow. And, to appeal to thesilly side in me, I might join the KGB.It's like the Urban Chaos League that I had, kind of, back in Cowtown.However, it has more fun.

Oh, yes, my blog is now, if you go to, served bymod_perl by default. Please update your bookmarks. Please also report anyproblems you see. Don't tell me that comments don't work, that noteverything that should have a topic does, etc. I want to hear if theexisting, visible functionality does not work.

Anyhow, there's some cool parties coming up, and although I'm not aparty person, I look forward to them.

I'm slowly rewriting PSMail. I'm not eating my own dog food yet, to usethe expression, and perhaps won't be for awhile. Oh well. Off to class.