August 29th, 2003


How many...

How many astronomers does it take to find mars?Tonight, I found out. All of them. 2 hours. It turnedout that Flagstaff Hill was facing the wrong direction,and so we needed to wait for mars to rise. It did, andI joined someone from work in waiting in the long lines forthe two nice telescopes that were there. During that time,a really cute, athletic, smart girl was flirting with me. She actuallylooked a bit like Debb, but not quite enough so that it would'vebeen confusing. Of course I, being shy, was intimidated, and soI came across as cold. Oh well. Mars was kind of neat, but the telescopeswern't really powerful enough to get a good view. They were rather impressivethough.

Ugh, I really should get to bed, but blogging is a habit.

Holy foo?!!!I just tried something really off the wall, and was surprised with resultsthat are even more off-the-wall. Let's just say .. that shouldn't'veworked, and the fact that it did .. and that it meant what I thought itmeant, .. well.. that's just really fricking surprising. Hell, I'm stillsurprised that I even tried, much less...Anyhow, sorry, I'm not going to tell you any more about that.

Anyhow, yeah, it's time for *drumroll* the news on Pat's fairlynonexistant love life. Hehe.. it's not that bad, and I'm not bummedabout it too much. There was someone who I really would've liked tohave dated, but I realized that it wouldn't work out, and so that'sthat. There's someone I have a huge crush on that I see semiregularly,but I get the feeling she's not really looking for love right now inher life, or something. Although I think she's really smart, and prettyand that I could make her happy, I'm cool with what she wants. There'retwo really interesting people I've met online that might eventuallybecome dates, or friends. It's always hardest to make that next stepbeyond electronics in meeting people, but they do both seem to bereally cool people. One of them indicates they like massages. Huzzah!And.. then there's a little bit of unwanted attention from somepeople. I feel kinda bad for getting grumpy about it -- the thing thatdecides if its unwanted really is just if I find them attractive/interesting/etc,not the way they act. And, of course, this is all kind of odd for me..maybe it's the haircut, and the mild tan, and the somewhat more in-shapeness,but I've never really had people do much in the way of hitting on me before.So, yeah, that's my love life. Exciting, huh?

Classes continue to rock. Pre-heliocentric physics/astronomy, currentlya topic in my Philosophy of Science class, is something I might decide toread up on a bit.

Anyhow, no doubt I have things to talk about, but my brain doesn't workwhen I'm this sleepy.So, over to you, Cuba

Oh, yes, final note... I played with my laptop today and, courtesy ofxmodmap, xev, and windowmaker, bound some of the wacky custom dell keysso they did appropriate things on Linux. The volume keys all work now...The CD controls don't yet, but I might do that tomorrow. For those of youinterested, I'll probably post my .xmodmaprc.. Finally, I mapped the caps lock key into being another control key, andthe menu key to switch to the next workspace. Yay. I might do that forall my desktops too, although none of them have windows keys. At work andat home, I just use my model M's. Speaking of which... I might swing bycolumbus some weekend, go to all the computer stores I love and get somesupplies (maybe more used model M's), go to outland, and maybe stop byIndian Oven. It might be fun to do it in a night and not even stay anywhere.I could leave Pgh at 16:, be there by 19:, do Micro Center, then Indian Oven..and by then it'd probably be 20:.. I could take a quick walk or jog around campus,or maybe visit with one of my friends there, and then at 23:30, I could get alldressed and go to Outland. Hmm. Except, I no longer have any clothes thatare appropriate for Punk/Goth places. I guess I could probably find somethingthat's marginally ok. Hopefully. Anyhow, at 03, I could leave as usual, andhead straight home, and I'd be back in Pgh by 06, in time to snooze most ofsaturday away and then make my normal evening run to Coffee Tree. Sounds likea fun Fri/Sat thing to do sometime.