September 12th, 2003


Cat Parade

More work on POUND. Authentication is 3/4 implemented (that is, the code tohandle authentication is there, but there's no way for people to setthe needed cookies for login without a test page that's not going to bepresent in deplayed versions of my BLOG. Colors are fully implemented, butare dependant on having a login. I haven't put any work into comments yet.The next thing to write is a login page. Once I have that, and a page tosubmit account requests to me, then I'll start work on comments.

It's been suggested to me that at my age, the most likely significantothers I'm likely to meet are people who have issues, or arn't interestedin relationships in general, as all the others who are interested in a stablerelationship would be in one by now. Is there anything to that? It's certainlyan unpleasant thought, but that never has been a reason for me to or not tohold an idea. Amusingly, it suggests something about me too.

I had a question in class today that the (philosophy) prof couldn'tanswer that I might read up on, perhaps in a broader context. Specifically,many of the biggest advances in science in Western Civilization werebased on reintegration of Greek knowledge that had been lost, that the Arabcultures had aquired, maintained, and improved upon. One of these reintegrationsspurred many of the innovations that made the switch to Heliocentric astronomypossible, and once Copernicus' work came out, despite facing harsh oppositionfrom the churches (more the Lutherans than the Catholics), it spread throughthe educated people fairly quickly. My question was if and how such knowledgespread through the Ottoman empire and further east through Muslim land.I think it's more general than that -- I'd like to take a class, if one exists,on the topic of science in Muslim culture, with a mix of historical andcontemporary views. This would be, of course, unrelated to my actual studies,but I think it would be really sad to only take classes aimed at my PhD. Life is long, and without a lot of smelling of roses, all the time, peopleforget how to do so, and worse, that they ever wanted to.

I saw A again today, but naturally, I was too shy to chat and stuff.Sometimes it's hard for me to accept internally when someone saysthey're not interested when I'm convinced things would be so right.Oh well. Time to grab a bite to eat, grab my laundry, and go to bed.I want to be awake for the race tomorrow :)


Hie thee to a punnery

There's an interesting story about a phone setup that provides an insolated environment sopeople can really focus on their phone calls. In a pool, wearing a bighelmet. I can just imagine it... *RING* *MAD DASH TO THE CLOSET* (don't hangup!) *RING* (get into swimsuit) *RING* jump into pool *RING* pull helmeton *RING* *RING* *NO RING* Damn! Heh. Anyhow, no, it maybe is a good idea,for previously scheduled calls, provided there's a pool nearby with the neededequipment, and provided that equipment is very very waterproofed. The waythey're describing it, maybe it's attempting to return people to the wombin a sense, for their phone calls. There's something really funny in that.

MIT makes progress in cooling technologies, using magnetic suspensionto hold the stuff being cooled. It's interesting that this is the same thingthat the europeans are working on in their fusion power research facilities,at least for Tokkomak reactors.The quests to manage things that are very hot and very cold have a lot incommon..

The NY Times has an article talking about how BushJr's (pbuh)adventurers are not popular with foreigners, but said foreigners are willingto finance it. I suspect this article is mainly written for conservatives, whoare getting increasingly defensive about things going sour over there, sosaid conservatives can feel that foreigners are being hypocritical. Not thatthey're likely to read my blog (at least in massive numbers -- there areprobably a few conservatives among you, invisible public in the past, present,and future), but no, you don't get to feel better about yourselves on accountof this. As I'm sure you realize, money flows in ways that the masses don'thave a big control over -- if rivers were economies, the very wealthyconstitute their own, almost seperate, flow of water within the larger stream.Read up on investment banking, and how the money flows, and the BIG accountsthey handle. The wealthy are likely to be less political than the masses, so itis not at all surprising that europeans in general dislike BushJr but theirvery wealthy have a thumb in that, as they do in any possibly profitableventure. It'd be far more surprising if said folk kept their hands away fromopportunity.

My virtual server was getting a lot of weird traffic, and it turned out tobe from this company called NameProtectthat sells monitoring of brand name usage on the internet, in order to protectintellectual property. From their purpose, I already had a dislike for them,and they were gobbling a *LOT* of bandwidth. Well, I blocked their robotfrom my site, following their instructions, as they claim to followthe common practice. Then I noticed that their monitoring didn't stop. Niice.So I tweaked apache to not give them pages, mapped by their IP. Schmucks.

I had another interesting conversation with someone on consensus and powerstructures in groups. I'll probably share it sometime.I'm all excited for today's race. W00t!

Oh, I tracked a lot of my terminal problems to rxvt. For some stupid reason,when compiled in multibyte mode, it sets its TERM variable to 'kterm', andthat results in really messy terminal problems. It also is apparently havingproblems with some locale-related stuff that sometimes causes it to be veryslow in closing. In all honesty, the only reason I use rxvt is that it givesme NeXT-style menus on a terminal, and I really like the NeXTStep look andfeel (that's why I use windowmaker). Maybe I'll dig into the sources and tryto fix it, or try another version, or something.