September 24th, 2003



Last night, I had a strange dream.. all I can remember was that therewas another one of me walking around all the places where I have abit of a 'home' feel (my office, my car, and my apartment), telling methat it's all really messy and making me feel bad. Oddly though,each place was messier than it actually is. My car, apart from thetrunk, is pretty clean -- several months of not having anyone leaving stuffin it, and my cleaning it a bit every time I use it, has left the interiornearly empty. Hell, even the trunk is a lot emptier than it once was.Yeah, my office is pretty messy, and my apartment, while not as messy as inthe dream, could use a good cleaning (with some scrubbing). Still, it's notthat bad, and I wonder where that dream came from....

Right now, at work, I'm configuring the 4 new laptops, and I have them all downin the lab, plugged in together. It's an amusing sight, especially with themall next to my big laptop on which I type now. It looks like a mother gooseand her little goslings.

Last night, I had insomnia REALLY badly, and went to bed around 4am. On theupside, I got some good stuff done for work, and started on some of thehomework.. Still, although I don't feel it now, I'm certain I'll be feeling thelack of sleep after I eat lunch. Hmm.. and I also dimly remember having aconversation with someone, I'm not entirely certain whom, and talking aboutpolitics.. that must've been near the end of my awakedness.. If it wasn't adream, I wonder who the foo it was, if I said anything offensive, and whatexactly I did say. Oh well.

Oh, yes, before it got too late, I went through the trouble to bring mynetwork back up, sans kryten, using my wireless AP as the NAT box. Itreally was pretty simple, although I had to make several phone callsto verizon to get my username, and have them reset my password (they assignedsome ungodly random username like vzwhreteg to me, with a similarly randompassword, and although my OpenBSD box knew it, I didn't). All is good,and amusingly, while my neighborhood has plenty of 802.11b networks, someopen, some not, and all kind of flakey through the walls of my apartment,I appear to be the only 802.11g-capable network, at least within earshotof my apartment. Actually, my laptop has never seen an 802.11g network apartfrom mine yet. I wonder how long it'll take to catch on.. you'd think with thebackwards compatability, people would be quicker to upgrade...

I'm thinking about getting a Linksys WSB24, which is a 2.4Ghz signal booster.It should be compatible with my WRT54G, and should make the signal even stronger,increasing both range and reliability. Hmm.


Communion with Gaia

Yet another biking accident. I was on my way to another PUSH meeting,and was on my way to Chatham, to bike there with someone. ChathamCollege is in a really hidden area of Squirrel Hill, and it'svery pretty. It is, alas, not very well lit, and I didn't know that ithad speed bumps, must less speed bumps that are larger than most.A bike going down a hill at full speed plus a speed bump make for badnews. I was briefly surprised to find myself flying -- I had no idea whathad happened.. and then I hit the ground, again with my shoulder and fist. Mybike apparently was completely airborne, as it came down from the air and landedon top of me. Ouch. After I got there, I had an unpleasant time in the bathroomwiping the blood off my hands. Longer-term damage? My left hand is swollenagain, and while the wounds on my right hand will probably heal quickly,my right arm has a lumpy spot near the bone that hurts, and my right shoulderis red, sore, and painful. Gah.

The meeting went well though -- we had someone new show up, and conversation wasgood. Afterwards I had another one of those 'argh' conversations where I wasn'tmaking it sufficiently clear that when I was describing the judgement societypasses on people isn't the same as the judgement I approve it passing onpeople, or they were reading things into what I was saying that I was nottrying to say. Either way, it was messy, and I probably offended the twopeople I was talking with, probably without that offense actually beingabout real differences. Communication can be tricky sometimes.

There was another snafu with my philosophy teacher -- I found that he gaveme the handout for the previous homework assignment rather than theone due tomorrow. Argh. A simple mistake, but one that'll lead me toanother homework scrounged together from what I can find about theauthor from other sources. Either that, or I could skip working earlytomorrow morning, go to the library, get the article, and do thehomework then, and work late to make up for it. What a pain, but I don'twant to fall through my 2-free-homework safety net, so I need to give thisa good effort.

I think my grandfather has something in common with me -- he just sent anothermessage to everyone he knows telling them about an amusing experience -- atree almost fell on him when he was cutting it down.

Science News has a fascinating article on social studies on monkeys, wherethey showed that monkeys have an inherent sense of fairness... well, no.Fairness is such a vague concept. There's another way to interpret their datawhich is more concrete -- they become angry at their percieved lesser socialstanding, and their anger makes them less willing to deal with the researchers.

Oh, and accordin to BusinessWeek, a magazine that my parents subscribed me to(they were due some free subscriptions for some reason), a magazine thatI get but almost never read, Microsoft is about to kill the antivirusmarket -- they're entering it, will integrate their product with windows,and will charge for virus signature updates. It's pretty amazing how bundlingkills a field..

From the Bad Religion song Infected: you and me have a disease, you affect me, you infect me, I'm afflicted, you're addicted ....

Oh, yes, look at this. Interesting.