February 10th, 2004


Enthusiastic Ghost

It never was quite the same.. when we had to roll our own red carpet.I can always hear someone laughing... where did they go?

Bush is stumbling.If he falls, it'll be historic for our nation.

Here's a defense of they in the singular.I like it -- most people use it, and it's time to stop teaching against it.There isn't much of an alternative..

I've been thinking about it for awhile, and I finally installed a wiki onthe webserver my laptop runs. I went with UseMod -- itcan be configured to disable the (irritating) traditional wiki link style andonly do the (cool) new-style links, it's written in perl, and it was veryeasy to install. Downsides? Well, it doesn't use a database.. that's prettymuch it. Why? I'm still working on fleshing out the background for my sci-fifuture blogging, and I was doing it all in text format, but I decided I reallywant to start breaking it into parts, and HTML is too unwieldy. Using a wikiprovides changelogs, easy inter-linking, and can easily be done through thebrowser. It's a pity wikis wern't really around back when microsoft was feelingthreatened by the push for everything to go through a browser -- they reallydo pose an alternative, browser-based way of doing things. Imagine, instead ofhaving hundreds of microsoft word documents on your disk for storing things,if instead people typically wrote documents in a wiki, and used a special tool(maybe in the wiki software) to mark entries up for printing. Instead of havinga bunch of bits of information, it would be easier to have a web of the same.It's one of the ways that people who use office for everything and people likeme who usually write things in plain-text to come together. Anyhow, now thatI have my local non-shared wiki, I'm using it to store a lot of information thatI either was storing in text or not storing at all. It's turning out well.I wonder if there are any others who are or are considering using anon-networked wiki as their central way of storing information on theircomputer(s)...


Cleaning the bathwater

I'm working on my BLOG software... more CSS cleaning and dismantling theold preference system so the new CSS one will be ready soon.
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That was a test of the privacy system. If you saw that, there's abug.


Sawdust in the pond

I just finished another coding run on my BLOG. The old preference system isnow completely removed, with even all the defaults moved into CSS. At thecost of things not looking nice for non-CSS-capable browsers, all settingof colours, fonts, and the like is done through the CSS header. I alsofinished getting the rest of the code ready for the landing of themes anduser-specific CSS. It's all about turning the following from a stub to auseful function:merge_user_css($dbh, $user, $csshash)

It'll take some database support, na klar, but really it's all fairlystraightforward. I'd also like to make it easy for even non-registeredusers to set their theme via a cookie. CSS has turned out very well..