June 3rd, 2004


Glass Strokes

A rusted metal cube, wrinkled fingers move deftly over the surface,as power, so long absent, causes the thing to cough and wheeze. A whiteglow flows though, and Wotan's runny, senile eyes again are lit withhis memory of the world. A smile... we think, *he's not quite right*,and his favourite people, or their glowing shadows, flicker into being.A music video? Modern eyes might see it that way. He watches moments ofgreatness, or of uncommonality.. the anger, the smiles, first loves,bereavement, friendships, gossip.. this is a god that loved humanity,all of humanity, not just the person, but all the acts. After a time, afew weeks, he puts the cube down again, the slide show flickering as itslows, the motion turning back to fading frames, and again faces eternity,the unending torture only gods know. When all is still, all is known,and nothing new can happen..

Some three weeks ago, at the first meeting of the philosophy group, therewere class cups, and some people were making music with them using theirfingers, moistened by the water. It left an impression on me.

I presently am trying to change a lot of things around to see if I canmake my life better. It's too early to tell for sure, but I've made somedecent progress on some fronts, and on some others, there's signs that,if I'm patient, things will work out there too. So, things are improving,and while no doubt there are some changes ahead for my life that I didn'tanticipate making a month ago, I believe they're for the best. Sometimeswhen one tree is cut down, a number of new ones can take its place..

Oh, new rule for my BLOG -- If you're a member of my close family,I don't want you commenting here, and in fact would prefer you don'tread it. It's very irritating to me to get phone calls, or worse, toget requests to remove content from my BLOG. Chances are my firewallrules will keep you out when I notice you're coming in, but if youmanage to get in, this isn't for you.

So, tomorrow may be a big day for at least one of the changes in directionin my life. I hope it goes well.

Some brief blurbs, as usual...

Ladies night is discrimatory? .. yes, it'spretty obvious that it is. The interesting question, howeever, is if it's atype of discrimination that should be considered within the autonomy ofbusinesses to make. There are a number of ways this might be analyzed --it may be that, in a nod to Rawls, the difference principle applies here --the inequality still is to the benefit of the least advantaged party, asthe purpose of ladies night is, presumably, to get more women at the barfor men to come oogle (I hope I'm not overly prejudicial about people whogo to bars a lot). This does touch on a more fundamental, and interestinggender-opportunity-social difference in our society, but I'm too tired towork that out on my BLOG for now.. I actually don't know if I like thedifference principle for governmental structures.. it seems to me thatsome kinds of differences are unacceptable, even if they're for the benefitof all, or could be argued that way. That's one of the tough things aboutapplying Rawls though -- he provides a perspective, but, like with mostphilosophy applied, the fine details don't follow. Perhaps, however, thisis a strength, in that the system is both more flexible and people who woulddisagree with a fully-specified system and rebel might instead attempt totwist it to their liking, and a system that's suitably resistant to that butstill gives the impression of twistability might be fairly stable.

From the "America can't do anything right" department,If you're in the military, you might not be able to leave. Jointhe military! It's like slavery, but with benefits and institutionalhomophobia and other backwardsness.BushJr likens the war on terror with going against the Nazis in WW2.History professor: Good job.. except.. what Al Quaeda presumably did to theWTC wasn't treachery (try looking up words before using them), the Fascistshad a few well-defined countries that needed overhaul, and the Allies invadedTHE RIGHT COUNTRIES, NOT UNRELATED ONES. It just seems like every time he openshis mouth, he reminds us how much an idiot he is.. Oy. This seemsto be right on...

I'm actually too tired to blog any more right now. Goodnight.