June 14th, 2004


Dust Puppets

Duquesne Light has an online bill payment setup. This is good -- I hatemailing checks, as I always lose the envelopes. Unfortunately, theirforms don't work with Linux. I finally give in (again) and at work, vnc toa windows box to pay the bill.. but the bill is gone. I think they probablysold it to some collection agency, either that, or they sent it to mylandlord. I hate bills. I really need to set up direct withdrawls on my bankaccount for more services. Speaking of which, I need to order the new DSL,as my neighbors, who I've been leeching off of, apparently turned theirAP off (they're out of town a lot, and maybe this is for a long trip).

I just helped someone setup the ancient calendar program ical on someone'snice, recent Linux workstation. I'm always reluctant to do things like that,as using such ancient tools really is a blocker when I'm hoping to get peopleusing more productive, modern tools. Of course, MacOSX uses ical, buttheir version is considerably newer and different thanthe ancient Tk-based program that bears the same name.

I'm making more progress on getting my data all organized and packed up forthe upgrade, and was surprised to find that at some point, I split mymedia collection on my laptop between its two partitions, and have sinceforgotten about the other part. I've re-ripped CDs and stuff since, torecover what I thought was missing data, and then I find that it was thereall the time. Oy. So, I'm stitching the two halves of my media folder backtogether, applying the reorganizations that I did to the active part longago to the neglected part, and tossing out things I don't think I'll everlisten to. It's a really neat experience, actually, like cleaning one'sapartment, except I think I relate more strongly to data I at one pointdecided to store than to the things in my place. If, for example, I were toldthat I could either lose all my data, computers, etc, or I could lose everythingelse in my apartment, and were given the money to replace what I want, I'ddefinitely lose the stuff (although losing the memory boxes and photos wouldcertainly suck). I wonder if there are any people who don't get sentimentalabout the past in that way, who don't keep old stuff around to remind themselvesof who they are..

OpenBSD just got its first taste of SMP. Cool!A newly found Unix kernel bug that combines itimers and modern x87 operations.Users can crash 2.4/2.6 kernels. Oops!Povray 3.6 is out! Very cool.

Tomorrow I get keys to my new office... and it, I discovered today, is awindow office! Hurrah! I wonder how often I'll end up bumping into thereally cool psych professors I had.. And, like with the data, and thecleaning of my apartment, moving is always a good time to have one's memoriesstirred up. I wonder what I'll find in my office that I've forgotten aboutas I empty my part of it..

I came across this recently while arguing on Wikipedia withsomeone on whether CMU is properly part of Squirrel Hill or Oakland, andfound it oddly compelling reading. It talked all about historical and futurebuildings at CMU, and also mentioned that there may be some cash incentivesfor CMU folk to live near campus. That'd be nice -- anything that helps mebuy a house around here would be wonderful.


Speakeasy DSL

Ordered new DSL. I went with Speakeasy. I hope it arrives soon.My new CD, the Lenin and Trotsky books, and the Happiness of theKatakuris (one of my favourite DVDs) should be waiting for mewhen I make it home, according to UPS. Leaving now. w00t.