June 26th, 2004


Sunny "beaches" of Pittsburgh

Today I took Marf's Ig out to the hills near my apartment that peoplesunbathe on. As usual, Iguanas prove to be a magnet for the curious,and I ended up talking to a lot more people than usual. Nikolai seemedto have a good time -- I should take him out more.

Last night, liberals come out in drives to see Moore's 9-11 film. Artsyliberals, mainly. It was interesting to see the styles all concentratedtogether. The oddity came from it's rare to see these people walkingon the street en masse... almost contradictary to their style..

Lawrence Lessig pointed out that, on Amazon.com, youcan get a DRM-protected copy of the U.S. Constitution. Funny, and odd.Why would the U.S. government provide a copy with such restrictions?

I've been thinking about the tension between the Trudovik and Bolshevik ideasof democracy. In particular, the Trudoviks, who were social democrats (whowanted a non-Marxist semi-socialist government akin to Europe today), werevery populist, and drew their support from the masses that existed at thattime today. By contrast, the Bolsheviks (not going to bring the Mensheviks intothis -- too complicated) didn't think democracy would be possible until themasses were freed from the Bourgeoise and their deception. It's an interestingposition to be in, to need to claim that, "If only the masses were educatedcorrectly, they'd vote for us, so we don't need popular mandate right now".It's made more complicated by the fact that any social arrangement is likelyto have dominant media that support the status quo, and that media may eitherhide/minimize dirty tricks of the government (as we have in the United States)or lie/exaggerate about dirty tricks of proponents of alternate systems.In some systems, notably under Stalin and, at times, under the United States,expressing certain opinions can result in removal from the political arena(or society at large). To some degree, the United States is needing to dealwith this issue in Iraq.

Anyhow, my sister and her boyfriend are driving out to visit, arriving in afew hours. I'd best go grab lunch and do more cleaning.



I saw that Eric Idle, the musician in Monty Python, has released awonderful free song for us all. Go here to download the FCC Song as mp3Censoring 'dirty words' absolutely makes me see red, and I have beenbitterly disappointed to hear pathetic justifications for radio censorshipcoming from someone whose opinion I generally respect quite a bit. I'mnot someone who swears very often, but for the sake of free speech, and againstthe sake of buying into a reverse fetish for some words, here's the lyrics.

The FCC Song, by Eric Idle

Fuck you very much the FCCFuck you very much for fining meFive thousand bucks a fuckSo I'm really out of luckThats more than Heidi Fleiss was charging me

So fuck you very much the FCCFor proving that free speech just isn't freeClear channel's a dear channelSo Howard Stern must goAttorney General Ashcroft doesnt like strong words and soHe's charging twice as much as all the drugs for Rush LimbaughSo fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much, dear Mr. BushFor heroically sitting on your tushFor Halliburton, Enron, all the companies who paleLets send them a clear signal and stick Martha straight in jailShes an uppity rich bitchAnd at least she isnt maleSo fuck you all so very much

So fuck you Dickhead Mr. Cheney tooFuck you and fuck everything you doYour pacemaker must be a fake, you havent got a heartAs far as I'm concerned youre just a pasty faced old fartAnd as for Condoleeza, shes an intellectual tartSo fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much the EPAFor giving all Alaska's oil awayIt really is a bummerWhen I cant fill my hummerThe ozones a no-go zone now that Arnold's here to say"The Nuclear winter games are going to take place in LA"So fuck you all so very much

So what the planet failsLets save the great white malesAnd fuck you all so very much