June 30th, 2004


Static Eyes

w00t. I just ran for 50 minutes through the town and park areas ofSquirrel Hill. I didn't need to stop, and although I was tired at theend, I could've gone further if I wanted. Hurrah. I also learned thatapparently after about 1am, in park streets that are sufficiently dark andsufficiently far from town, certain noises can start to creep me out. Also,while I have decent night vision, when it gets dark enough, I can still seebut everything looks kind of blotchy. Speaking of which.. I need new runningshoes -- I now have a very nasty looking right pinky toe.


Shattered Hourglass

I updated my schedule.My feet hurt from last night's run.. my back is a bit sore too.. I wish I couldgive myself a massage as I can provide for another person.. but, alas, mydays of giving massage are on hold, and .. well, I guess I've never reallyhad the pleasure of having a source for the same. On the upside, I finallyfigured out how to send text messages from my phone. That's it.