February 14th, 2005


Accidental Scotsman

Pardon for the stereotypical blog angst, but my life sucks a lot right now.Another failed romance, but this time, unlike the previous, I'm left wonderingwhat the hell happened. It's not as easily understood as to why it failed asmy first two relationships. In fact, in this case, unlike the previous two,it seems that, while there's not really any fault involved on either side,the cause has something to do with parts of my psychology and the way ourpersonalities fit together. To sum it up, I love her, but I was gettingvery depressed during the relationship, and that got in the way of things.Secondly, there are some aspects of our personalities that caused somefriction -- more friction than I thought they should've caused, but perhapsthat's just a sign that the first issue was a real problem. The issues didinterplay a few times though, and when each came to a head, the other onegot worse. Near the end it looked like it was starting to get better, butthere wasn't enough time, and it's unclear if my assessment there iscorrect. I wish things hadn't ended so quickly, because I hoped to be ableto identify fully and fix the problems. As is, I'm just left, as I said,wondering what the hell happened. That, and deeply depressed.

As for patterns, things ended two days before Valentines day. In my lastrelationship, with Debb, we also had a small breakup just before Valentinesday. Weird.

So, trying to distract myself with other topics..I found out that Thunderbird isn't necessary to handle rss feeds in amozilla way. Instead, there's a poorly documented feature where any pagewith a detected feed gets an orange radio icon in the lower rightcorner of the screen, and clicking on it offers to add the feed, in astrange and novel way, to mozilla -- through the bookmark interface.It's weird, but it's good -- I have my bookmarks laid out so they'reall available in the toolbar folder, and so I made myself a "Feeds" folderwhere I stash all my feeds and everything is good. Except.. sometimesit doesn't work, and a site which I know has a feed doesn't offer to beadded. So, trying to be clever, I open the bookmark mangler, and try to addthe feed manually, with "New Bookmark". No dice -- the fields for RSSstreams are all different, and all I can do is make a normal bookmark tothe raw RSSfile. Trying to be cleverer, I cut'n'paste an existing RSSbookmark and then edit those fields. No dice -- not all the fields areeditable or even visible while in edit mode, although they are visiblein the bookmark manager main screen. Doing this also does create workingfeeds, although they all have a reference url of the original bookmark I usedto cut'n'paste. I finally decide to directly edit the bookmark file. Ugly,yes. But it works, and I need not mess with any of that. Anyhow, in sum,although it's undocumented and needs some more work, the Mozilla RSS readerseems to be pretty cool.

In case you haven't had enough BS recently, here is enough tolast you for several weeks. In it, Van Notten, a dutch lawyer, talks aboutnatural law and how nations without government are better in several senses,including allowing a purer capitalism. Apparently Van Notten died a few years ago.

The always-peaceful USA is apparently spying on Iran with unmanneddrones. Iran is naturally not happy. I'm surprised they don't shoot themdown.

Apparently, SUN thinks that we don't have enough databases in theopensource world. I only hope they're just rebranding an existing database,like RedHat is doing, rather than introducing another new system. It's good tohave choice, but at a certain point, it gets ridiculous. nd confusing.

I suspect that if you read up on the history of Apartheid (aparthood),you'll find it interesting. Compare and contrast to other racism in the worldtoday.

The EFF, knowing that often ISPs are asked by law-enforcement agencies,whether to track people or to make lawsuits easier, has made a toolwhereby logs can easily be removed from a system so said data won't be around shouldthe law come looking for it. While I certainly side with the EFF on this one,and would like to have a lot of control over what information/help I give tolaw enforcement agencies, I do find it a bit interesting that this kind oftool to blatantly mess with the police, preemptively, is publishable. It'sstrange in some way I can't put my finger on.

North Korea has nukes, and they're not afraid to show it.I'm no friend of the North Korean government, but I am in a way pleased thatthis might mean that BushJr won't go after invading them next. Then again,maybe he would. The Iraq war was disgusting -- the idea of another is evenmoreso.

I can't sleep, but I need to keep on trying. I wish I wern't still in love.