February 19th, 2005


Scarred Spaces

I had a dream two nights ago, and as is usually the case, geometry wasn'tquite working as it should. Normally those kinds of dreams, for me, areunpopulated geometric nightmares, typically with just raw sensations andno sense of self. This one was different -- I was in a moderately largegroup of people on a bizarre thing that was like a mix between an airplane,a bus, and a living room. The last component is, I think, from the recentairplane flights to/from Europe, where I wondered what it'd be like totake the seats out of a plane and put some couches in. The dream took it onestep further, imagining rooms that actually had a shape that wasn't veryplane-ish, instead being of a kind of archicture that I don't think I've everseen in real life, but often see in my dreams. In it, the rooms of a house areall slightly raised or lowered from each other, with each transition involvinga small number of steps (3-6), and each room having a more seperate feel fromeach other. The rooms are generally small rectangles, with no particulartendencies as to where the stairs come in or which way the long end points.In this arrangement, rooms with all four connections possible are rare. Mosthouses in this arrangement have a small table in many of the rooms, and thereare many rooms that have plants on the sides of the stairs and the rooms.Anyhow, back to the dream, in this case, the airplane was arranged like this,but there were additionally corners to the rooms which had proper doors in them,and there was the sense that only parts of the plane were going to take off, therest staying behind perhaps to connect to another plane. I was wandering aroundlooking for something, but always was worried about straying too far fromthe rooms where people were sitting, for fear of being left behind on thetrip. I also had a very distinct memory of, when we were in the air, feelingthat I was flying the plane, and noting that the plane flies differently thanmost planes do, somehow having a much smaller footprint in the outside world.In many areas, we flew under bridges or highway overpasses, and the air hada lot more structure to it than modern cities do. Strange.

Today, unless something comes up, is going to be (well, remain) a quietday at home with lots of cleaning, playing with my cats, rest, and reflection.Already I'm pleased with progress on the first.