April 23rd, 2005


Undead Will

I'm slowly churning through my posessions, actually getting rid of things I don't need that would better be used elsewhere. This makes me happy, and, I think, it's part of living right. Whether you agree with my premise that capitalism leads to inefficient and selfish allocations of resources or not, I would suspect, dear reader, that you will agree that it's not good to keep what you won't use. Personally, I tend to go by the rule of thumb that if someone else will benefit from something I have more than I will, and I have no sentimental attachment to it nor would I suffer too much from giving it up, I'll give it to them.

And yet, there's always a kind of awkwardness relating to these kinds of things. I don't know if it's just that we've grown up on the idea that we always will pay for things somehow, or, further yet, that we tend to even regard friendships as business transactions too. Or perhaps it's just that gifts are always a bit awkward outside of the confines of family. Or, perhaps, it's just that my social skills suck and I'm not used to giving or recieving things from people. In any case, if you live near me and I get along with you, to some extent my resources are your resources. The degree and particulars of that remain to be worked out, but to some extent, that's the way it is.

I picked up a cheap universal remote at Radio Shack, for about $8, today, and now I can actually use the menus on DVDs again, meaning that I can finally watch my anime subtitled rather than dubbed. I should've done this earlier.

On monday, I'm going to call and bug CMU again about Qatar. It's irritating to need to wait this long to find out.

I've been playing a fair amount of Civ3 recently, specifically, a downloadable module for it called Rise and Rule. Civ3 is, after playing it a bit, a rather goood Civ game -- perhaps roughly equally enjoyable as Alpha Centauri. With Rise and Rule, it's much better -- the game goes a lot slower, with a much longer tech tree and a lot more complexity in empire development. Rise and Rule, in fact, makes the game better in almost every way -- the only problems I see is that it's sometimes a bit buggy and is missing some graphics for things. I like how irrigation takes a long time to be reached, rather than being available from the start.