July 11th, 2005


The New Nakedness

I decided to end my experiment with a beard/mustache, and this morning, after taking adequate photage, shaved it all off. I felt strangely naked without it -- after just a week of having it, apparently I really got used to it. Oh well.

Speaking of which, I may have found someplace to take my Iguana, but when I found it out, and while composing an email asking them to find him a better home, I suddenly realised that I care about him too much for this to be easy. Curse him for worming his way into my heart. Now I need to try to figure out if I should keep him, given how I feel. I think he'd probably be happier with a new owner (and especially around the cats), but I've grown accustomed to having him around. It's probably unfair of me to keep on thinking about it given that I can admit that, but .. well, maybe not. Paternal bonds are tricky things, and I suspect if I had a son or daughter, I'd fight like hell to keep them in my life in the face of (almost) any circumstances, even if there were people who I thought would make better parents around. Does this just mean that paternal/maternal bonds are selfish and silly? It is possible that they are, but they are part of the human experience, and are one of the sides of humanity that I'm unwilling, perhaps for not philosophically valid reasons, to consider messing with. .. well, it's not that it's not based on philosophically valid reasons exactly, but rather that it's based on base values, or more specifically a particular type of base value that's more instinctual than a number of other base values.

There are a few people in my life to various degrees that I've been trying to spend time around, but they haven't been making it at all easy. Sigh.

This coming weekend is the Centralia trip. It should be interesting (and tiring).

I'm kind of behind in pointing out interesting news, so let's see how much we can get through now..

Some long overdue justice was served. This news is pretty funny to me, although it might be a sensitive issue for some. In Persia, one of the conservative candicates won in the recent race for the presidency, meaning that reform will be pretty slow-paced for awhile. It's important to note that all societies can have problems with drugs, and it's important to find a good way to deal with them when they show up. Spain voted to allow gay marrage. w00t! Also good news, Al-Jazeera is set to expand, and start to broadcast outside of Arabia.

Tom Cruise, while his beliefs are idiotic, may actually have a point when he thinks that use of most modern psych drugs are harmful. His reasoning is based on the bullshit that is the Church of Scientology and it's quack science, but I can see him being accidentally being sage in that the modern medical industry is prone not to recommend simple, noncopyrightable remedies when they can sell something exclusive. Of course, it doesn't make it cool when he decides to be an asshole and publically insult someone for doing something that only affects themself.

We are very near the age of beef vats. Once this technology is perfected, I would say that we have an obligation to stop eating the meat of animals, because there is an alternate way to get meat that doesn't involve suffering.