February 22nd, 2006


Reading Stoplights Like Tea Leaves

Like a dentist's sweat was the thought -- a sickly smell, not quite death, but antisceptic, animal signs far removed from the actuality of humanity. The mouth moved, a cruel parody of a forest, with plastic trees and the pine needles on the floor replaced with discarded nails. A fantasy of a trembling finger reaching past the endless diversion, the mazes, and right to the fleshy vulnerable heart, to deliver a light poke.

We are in the age of whimsical devices. I recall, in my childhood, being impressed with a large pen I had which had 4 tubes of ink in it, each a different colour. It smelled saccharine, like my magic 8-ball did when I smelled its window (eye?). That magic 8-ball's brain fluid was a secret, I thought, an illicit pleasure like enjoying the smell of a campfire in the woods, illicit because of its chemical nature. We have moved past the beginning, the gates have stepped aside, leaving us to a new garden, an end to scarcity. The Ophites have finally reconquered paradise. Let us see to it that we do not establish a new priesthood.

I need to get more Tofu nuggets. They're kind of my emergency late-night food, but I haven't felt like oatmeal recently so I've exhausted my supply. I realise that this is not of great interest to all of you, but instead let's turn it around, and let me say that I strongly suggest that you try Morningstar (or some other vendor's) Chick'n Nuggets. They keep in the freezer forever, they're very filling, and they taste pretty good, especially with spaghetti sauce. They're *the* perfect freezer stuffer.

The Feb2006 eyesore of the month has a very amusing footnote.

I have a number of miscellaneous things to do...

  • Get started on a big programming/database/design project for the contract programming thing
  • Finish my second homework for CompBio including the extra credit parts
  • Catch up on reading for said class (I'm behind)
  • Write a file manager for my BLOG/Wiki software, migrate all referenced media I control into BLOB tables
  • Finish rereading Amber series
  • Finish playing my current ZAngband character to death or victory
    • For the interested, her name is Harna, and she's an Amberite 37th level Mage (schools are Chaos and Trump)
  • Go walking in Frick park (It's been too long)
  • Get stuff for upcoming hiking trip
  • Go climbing again sometime soon
  • Have a lazy day where I don't do anything productive
  • Figure out when I can go to NYC to both visit friends and see some music I'll like (TMBG, Plaid Tongued Devils, Firewater, or maybe some nice opera)
  • Plan a trip to Columbus to visit my sisters, some friends, and some places.
  • Decide if I want to bother going to my 10 year high school reunion
  • Sell my car
Oh, and in Soviet Russia, Fire Puts You Out.

Squid Pro Pro

  • Why did the Russians win World War 2?
  • Because in Soviet Russia, Slavs cruel to Germans

I just dealt with an ugly side of humanity -- I was on IRC, and some random guy wandered into the channel and started to talk about how some girl had betrayed him, so he was going to stalk her, take photos, break into her house, and leave them around to "leave a message". I promptly gathered together a log of all of this and mailed it to her, as he was thoughtful enough to point to her blog. The only complication is that they're both in Latvia, and I have no idea if she speaks English (his English seemed to be decent). He was promptly booted and banned from the server for his continued rant. I am pretty certain I did the right thing. I understand how relationships can lead people to the state of mind he is in, but not being in his shoes, I feel a duty to society to put a stop to his plans.

This horrible rap popped into my head at work today, *almost* fast enough that I could've said it as I composed it.

We're the ACT-R people from the Ivory Tower..
You use our software, and you feel the power.
We've got your brains for analysis,
and we can see what'chya thinkin', sis!
When we go spare, you'd better leave this town,
or wear earplugs cuz' we got MRI sounds!
We're the masters of Psych, and we understand it all,
so step away from us, because you're so small! Uh-huh, yeah!

It is not that different from my Sysadmin rap..
I hip to the hop, my spam is all copped,
my systems never hiccup, and the bad ports are all blocked,
or better yet, they're filter-ated, so ne'er are infiltrated,
they're running red-fedora, and mah homies are elated..
Yeah, uh-huh



There's a hole in the candle, a shiver from the woods, a sign of each condition in your ever-changing moods. There's a tremor in the air and some ropes lead to the past, some things are going on at which you should be aghast.

After work today, I went with two of the three people I'm going camping with to get some gear. I should not have been surprised that it's possible to get fanatical about camping -- there's a surprising amount of culture involved in getting weight down, pound by pound, ounce by ounce, from cutting toothbrushes in half to weighing pillows. I don't think I'm one for fanaticism of any sort anymore, but I got some good gear. First, at Dick's, I got some nice, warm, hopefully mostly quick-drying clothing and something that's half pot, half cup. Then, after some adventure (more below), in the other store I got a frame backpack and some other things. It wasn't a cheap trip, but if I do hiking more often, it'll be worth it.

The adventure between the two stores unfortunately involved the police. There are a number of roads around the waterfront that are closed for construction, and our path took us along a route that should've changed. Unfortunately, I ended up following another car that looked like it knew what it was doing in its navigation of the closed roads, but that proved to be a mistake, because they were quickly escorted by police into a parking lot, along with me, and 6 other cars that followed me. We all got tickets (although the initial car did not have a current driver's licence and another car had an out-of-state lady without insurance who argued angrily (abusively?) with the police. Still, it wasn't so bad, just a bit expensive and kind of inconvenient.

In my last blog entry, I provided two very geeky raps. Eric sent them through Mac text-to-speech, and here's an audio form of my sysadmin rap. Hurrah!

My huge, 3-wick candle is finally beginning to die -- it will probably exhaust itself tonight. Oh... correction -- the three wicks have burned themselves to the bottom of the candle, sending copious amounts of wax out in cool-looking waves all over the table (and onto the floor, where I caught the waterfalls (now stalagtites) with a folder, which now has a cool splatter motif. It's like waves of coolness, made of wax!

This friday, I will hopefully be sharing "Weird Science" at a KGB movies night. I need to record it onto DVD, but I can do that when I get it back from Isildur (who I loaned it to in the hopes he would show it as a computer club movie.. alas). This weekend will be a mix of contract programming, homework, and hopefully some dancing at Ceremony.