March 12th, 2006


A Quarter-Turn in the Fish Bowl

I have gotten out of town, and it's been pretty decent so far. I am still me, living my life, and being somewhere else doesn't really change the core things I notice, but so it passes. On friday around 4 we started our road trip, and it was a fairly straight (11 hour) drive to NYC. I shared music, and heard music from the rest, and became exhausted. We arrived fairly at night at Tom's parents' place, and went right to sleep. After a *very* late wakeup on saturday, we made our way to the city, went to the Museum of Modern Art (moma), saw some nice art, played in the park a bit, and then went to Albion, a goth/industrial club. Albion reminded me a lot of Outland -- the place was large and had much better DJs than Pittsburgh's Ceremony. Cover was $20, which was a lot (albeit not for New York City). We actually didn't spend much time in the city -- we didn't know that Spamalot or Avenue Q were still playing (or we probably would've gotten there earlier to see them), but the food was quite good. Driving in NYC is a particular kind of hell that I'm glad I didn't spend much time doing. After Albion (around 03:00), we returned to my car and I drove us to DC where we're staying at another KGBer's house and where I promptly fell asleep. We're now at a party tied to still more KGBFolk, and while I am absolutely exhausted from all this driving, things are still going pretty well. Tomorrow I suspect we'll be heading into DC proper, hopefully to see interesting things.

Overall, I'm amused that other people here seem to share the financial background that I grew up in -- given the houses seen, I would guess that my family is only moderately better off than any of them .. err.. was. Given recent events, it's suddenly hard to evaluate that. I am also amused to find that when I need, I can still drive long distances, although I do feel my health is suffering a bit from all of this. It still seems pretty crazy to be camping immediately after all of this, but it will be an interesting change of pace from my normally overly-predictable life. Worth 5 days vacation? Most assuredly. I will probably be utterly exhausted after I get back from camping though. I have also been having very unusual dreams out here.
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I am so tired... if tired has kinds, then this is a good kind.