March 29th, 2006


Quick! Grab that Bomb!

It strikes me as odd how a lot of religious leaders in modern times, just like national leaders, have adopted the same, drab suits that businesspeople wear. I have a strong dislike for suits. They're not as bad as limos (I can't see myself being convinced by anyone to ever enter a limo again, regardless of how rude it may be to refuse), but they have become a tool for unneccesary and opressive uniformity. I find it odd that people would feel comfortable bowing down and being spiritual around someone who looks like an executive leech. Then again, I suppose the idea of bowing down or being spiritual strikes me as odd to begin with. It's further sad to me to think that nations come to be personified by someone who looks like they run some bank somewhere. I expect people to look like they're from someplace that has traditions and personality, and that they would further vary their appearance as per their tastes. I hate seeing business types (suits) wearing .. well, suits. In a sense it's sometimes odd seeing minorities being trumpeted as breaking barriers and entering high levels of the workplace (and passing them while walking near CMU's business school) because while ordinarily equalising these opportunities is a good thing, in this particular case all it's doing is shifting privilege around so the abuses of our culture are repeated more evenly across different ethnicities. It's a complex judgement on whether this actually represents progress. To a certain extent, this is akin to a fiery discussion I had with my partner in Rocky Horror during High School -- we were discussing the draft, and I stated that I thought it would be bad extending it to women because all it would do is expand the scope of a system of coercion. This made her furious with me and she wouldn't talk with me for a week.. My judgement now goes the other way on that issue because of concerns for larger cultural reshaping, but I still think the judgement involved is by no means simple. It would be better to eliminate the draft entirely, as it would be to wrest control of production back from our management/business-school types.

A quirky thought popped into my head today -- while much of America is particularly good at arrogantly looking down at the rest of the world, it's too sheltered and ill-educated to really hate effectively. Perhaps this can be a national tagline.. "America: Too Ignorant to Hate". I can just hear people on the street saying "Turkmenistan? Isle of Man? Those arn't real places. You're kidding, right?" Almost all criticism of France (which has been particularly vicious recently), for example, is based on either an insufficiently deep understanding of History (especially that relating to the toppling of the Third Republic after the German invasion in WW2 indicating French cowardice). I have noticed a lot more anti-European sentiment recently, possibly because of recent cross-atlantic relationship strains relating to recent American agression. It's somewhat worrying to me.

I had a very disturbing personal insight recently that I need to do a lot more thinking about because it might impact my ability to achieve another of my life's goals. I also have a borrowed possible insight from another person (via livejournal) that I need to chew on, because if I accept it, it'll change some aspects of my life. Insights.. insights.