April 7th, 2006


Shortcuts to Depth

I am, as a phone call today prompts me, likely to be moving at the expiry of my current lease. This is rather unfortunate and surprising. Apparently the gas bills for my apartment were too high for my landlord to keep swallowing, so my rent goes from $700 to $750. As a general rule, I am unwilling to ever pay increases in rent, no matter how nice the place is. Soo.... I need to find a new place, preferably in Squirrel Hill (although Shadyside or possibly one of the areas slightly towards the Waterfront (but *not* down the hill) might be acceptable). It's must allow cats and have in-house laundry (preferably free). I would think about living with people, but it probably would not work out for various reasons. I have to give the final ok to my landlord by the end of the month (and then really quickly have someone fix the damage my cats did to the rug before he sees it and flips).

I saw this in someone else's blog, and it amused.. It's entirely silly because dates are arbitrary, but.. Things that Happened on my Birthday (courtesy Wikipedia)

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My accordion is in Florida (or at least it was this morning), according to UPS.

Special:Randompage took me to The Incredible Machine, which was an awesome game back in my DOS days.

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I've been getting an odd amount of spam posing to be from Chase Bank recently. Hmm.

Any hints/leads on housing would be appreciated.