May 16th, 2006


Stop the Bloody Screaming!

I'm using Dr Who to distract^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hprovide background noise while I'm studying for my BioInformatics class. I enjoy the series, but I am *very* tired of the endless screaming of some of the Doctor's (mostly female) companions. I suspect that I would not react well to people freaking out around me, and that it would lead to my being unlikely to respect them as much afterwards. Every time Mel screams, I feel a strong urge to kick her in the knee or yell continually at her until she STFU. For the last fully canonical Doctor, it's amazing that the 7th has both the most irritating (Mel) and the coolest companion (Ace).

Oy, tired. Back to studying.

And back from that for now. I'm beginning to think that it might be a lot of fun to do a longish bus tour of the United States sometime. I'd particularly like to see some of the cities in the midwest that are out in the middle of nowhere. It would be potentially very cool to go with just a single (largeish) backpack and spend a good three or four weeks using Amtrak and Greyhound to tour the Dakotas, Idaho, and similarly unpopulated states. It might be interesting to then dip down south through the non-Pacific west, perhaps ending the trip with renting a car in Texas, driving around there a bit, and flying back to Pittsburgh. While in the Dakotas, it may be interesting to pop up into midwestern Canada too (perhaps catch a Plaid Tongued Devils concert?) to look at cultural and government organisational differences between roughly clime-equiv remote areas of the US and Canada. Sometime..


Vertical Sitting Experiment

That was BioInformatics. I just wrapped up the final, and that's the end of the class. I have absolutely no idea what my grades are -- either they're good or bad, I don't really care much because I got my degree many years ago and am presently not seeking another. I learned a lot in the class, and I'm happy I took it. I re-grasped differential equations, wrote some software to simulate various things (along the way designing a better data structure for a complex need than I did the first time I thought of it years ago), and learned a lot about biological modeling. The DNA stuff was more combinatorial, and also pretty cool. It was all very interesting, and definitely worth it. The class was also fairly difficult, and because I was amazingly unprepared for the midterm, I may have done poorly enough that I'll have to pay for the class -- I'll find out soon enough.

At lunch, before the final, I saw birds stacked on a chain fence, each sitting in their own circle, one ontop of another like in a cross-section of a honeycomb. It was quite cute.

CMU has decided to put hideously bad art on its campus.


It's not about sex

I can still do it, and do it well, and when I make a mistake, I can see in retrospect and if I did it more often, I could take make those happen negligibly.. but the circumstances are not right, and I get much more tired by it than I used to. But it can be fun, in a way. There are times when I even think I could be a politician -- if I had more interpersonal energy, I could do it continually, and I could probably work myself, with a bit of reinvention that I actually know how to do, into something close to Clinton-levels. Instead, it is a rare light I emit -- even most of my closest friends have never seen it (although all the people I've dated *have* seen me apply it if I were to remind them). This time, it was used for something different...

And reflecting a bit more broadly, is this all just a distraction? Collapse )

I had a nice dinner with some people I knew and some I didn't. Hurrah. I'm also relieved to be free of the burden of that class -- self-improvement of various kinds is often tiring. Speaking of improvement and stuff, finally the last stages of the carpet drama with my old place are being wrapped up. The carpet replacement is taken care of with a $900 check (yay). Hopefully the extra cleanup work that my ex-landlord said was needed will not be too expensive (I get that itemised bill in not too long, I presume).

I am using my recently unburdened mental landscape to channel efforts towards finishing the putting to order of my new apartment. Hurrah! (It's actually fun)