May 26th, 2006


Infernal Pounding of Octane

I have SGI's Octane song stuck in my head, and it is LOUD! This is very irritating, although it is kind of cute that I have a real (but not functional) Octane (saved from dumpster) that at some point I'll put a new computer (or two! It's a big case) in. It would be amusing to simply stack MacMinis inside of it -- it could probably fit 4 or 5 stacked on top of each other. For the curious, the song is called "Octane Swing", and appears to be available here.

I am hoping to sell my car as soon as possible, and have thus lowered the price to $2500. As a result, I have a full line of people who want to buy it. Hopefully it'll be sold (and done) by the end of this weekend, and I can call to cancel my car insurance! .. I should find out how insurance works though so I'll know if I'm insured when driving other people's cars or if that normally goes on their insurance. I don't anticipate this happening often, but every so often it probably will.

A few more interesting world-ish kind of things.

  • I'm not sure why I get such warm fuzzies when I see anarchocapitalists/libertarian survivalist-types like this guy fall on their faces. I think it may be that I dislike theocracy just about as much as I dislike libertarianism, even though they are in most respects very different in where they lead society. As a thought exercise, it's interesting to try to imagine a society where they both have most of their character expressed. This is difficult -- Libertarian philosophy takes certain stances on force and liberty (for example, that speech and action are different spheres of interaction that should be treated very differently) that don't seem, taken as a whole, like they should be acceptable to most religions I know of that would create a theocratic state. It would be an interesting task to try to find an appropriate religion that would need minimal reconciliation with libertarian philosophy, and to go through the work to find the way to best preserve the character of both in a cohesive system. I suppose in doing so, I would probably be exploring intellectually spooky ground, in that if, for example, I picked Christianity or Islam, I would be exploring and explaining my understanding and perspective on Christian or Muslim ideal theology.
  • Following up on their announcement that they're going to start shipping AMD64 systems, Dell is now bundling Google software with their desktops. This is cool. I sometimes am bothered that my feelings towards Google are so positive -- being human, this starts to build emotional investment in me, and it isn't fun to deal with disappointment when emotional investment is torn away by reality. Hopefully realising this will minimise the effect.
  • MP Galloway has (again!) said something controversial that I agree with but am at least bothered to volunteer - that the assassination of Tony Blair would be morally acceptable due to his support of the invasion of Iraq, with BushJr presumably in the same boat. I don't see a strong difference between assassinations and a trial (although the latter is preferable for society in that due process is a good habit to be in, that's a duty to society, not to the accused, in that due process does not always ensure a proper result).
Of course, I still have my much more out there thing to say, whenever I feel sufficiently inspired to eloquently lay down the argument. I suspect one of you recalls what I'm talking about :)

Hands on broken glass

I am curious what/how people think of duties/obligations/care/resources for members of our species who, through genetic or developmental mishap, are not mentally all there. Although I'd be interested in hearing overarching frameworks on how to handle this, I'll guide the discussion with a few questions...

1) If you were a parent, and knew that you and your partner, after genetic counseling, would likely give birth to a mentally disabled child, would you still choose to have children? What if it were certain? Are there distinctions you'd make with regards to how disabled or in what way disabled?
2) Should mentally disabled people have children? Conversely, is it acceptable to have the state (or something similar) intervening in these matters, and if so, how?
3) To what extend should the state/society/private institutions support mentally disabled people? In schools? In institutions?
4) To what extent should they have control of their own welfare? If you think in terms of rights, what kinds of rights should they have?
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Bird Comics

I can't believe how much terribly embarassing crap there exists on me from my early days on usenet. *hides*

Today at lunch, after eating, I watched pairs of birds feed each other the remaining rice from my styrofoam carton. It was incredibly cute. The birds being fed sat there and chirped, and the feeding birds grabbed food and stuffed it into their waiting mouths. My morose side wants to be mopey and make that into some kind of metaphor, but it's too cute to get sad over.


Musical Fadings

Behemoth has been sold. Price is good, buyer seemed to be a cool person. I am now carless. This doesn't bother me.

I also found where my USB stick has been hiding -- in the car. Hurrah.

I will determine if I feel trapped or otherwise lessened by being carless in a significant way over the weeks to come.

Right now, carless and careless don't feel that different. I will call to cancel my car insurance now. Hooray.