June 11th, 2006


Electron Dance-Dance Polka

Friday I went climbing, and ended up meeting up with Jenerator and a bunch of her friends. It went well, except I had gone climbing on Wednesday of that week and my muscles were not ready for climbing again two days later. This combines badly with my right foot being injured. Today I was incredibly sore and hobbling around for the experiment. I had another nice lunch at Bruchetta's afterwards, came home, and took a nap. As for my new TV, some impressions:Collapse )

A recent advance in gentics has given us cats that don't cause allergies for some people. Initial reaction: Perhaps people should simply get another type of pet? Also: $2000 for a cat seems a bit excessive, especially given how much good $2000 could do at a pet shelter.. But: Such cats could be bred and create more non-allergy-making cats Hmm: Would the inventors be jerks and claim "ownership" over such cats to the extent that future litters would need have a license fee associated with their improvements?

I am keen to see A Scanner Darkly, which is to come out in about a month. It's to have similarity to Waking Life, done by the same person using similar techniques.

I'm probably going to be staying at home for all of tomorrow and relaxing. Anyone who wants to visit will be welcome.


Colour of the Robot's Eyes

I've been working on implementing the ability to post to LJ via LJ::Simple into POUND, and getting used to folding, I decided to change the (IMO rather ugly) default colours to something nice, like orange on darkgrey. The line I used, for the interested, is:

  • highlight Folded term=standout cterm=bold ctermfg=3 ctermbg=0 guifg=Yellow guibg=grey10
While reading the instructions to find out the name for that element name (I actually learned that the "highlights" command lists all defined element names, which is cool), I found that some graphics researchers learned that black text with a white or yellow background is the most productive colour scheme, and a suggestion that I switch to that. I'm not interested in doing so, but I'm curious how they came to the conclusion, what it's based on (contast? eyesight?), and if it's as applicable for word processing as it is for programming. Is the reason I don't find it that great that I grew up with DOS and did most of my early editing with edlin.exe/e.exe/edit.com? I don't still use the flourescent_green-on-black that was my first experience with PCs (I can't remember what the AppleII I used before that had, but I was really young then), but a white (or otherwise light) background feels really oppressive to me. My desktop background is mostly black with my sigil in the middle. I wonder if the people who made the suggestion prefer dark (maximal contrast with editing windows) or light backgrounds (maximal contrast with text, or they like bright).

I am flabbergasted at the U.S. government's reaction to the suicides at Guantanamo Bay. Calling them alternatively "PR Moves" and "Acts of War" seems bizarrely two-faced. I suppose they're enormously embarassing for the United States (which is a good thing), but this reaction feels panicked, trying to suggest they're meaningless while at the same time saying the people who did them are disgusting and unworthy of concern. Normally the US government would do a better job(?) at these things, if there is a good way to deal with this kind of thing.. I am wondering the whole time whether Castro is considering closing the base. Given his recent political strength from alliances in South America, I would hope that he's keen to get that embarassing abomination off of Cuba.

At least not everything is going wrong in politics.

I'm not really feeling up to walking much today, but I am *really* in the mood for India Garden. Hmm... I will probably call my doctor on Monday to talk about the podiatrist option he mentioned. It's been a few weeks, and this isn't getting any better.

I wonder if, in foreign countries that still have a lot of local flavour and quaintness, whether they're managing to preserve that by zoning laws, by different tastes of the people, or by simply not having the same kind of commercial investors building McDonalds and high-rises and other destructive efficiencies.