June 23rd, 2006



I have some friends who I literally have not seen for several weeks, primarily because they're busy. I wish they were less so, because they're two of my four closest friends in town and I miss them... then again, I've been moody recently, and might not be the most pleasant person to be around when I'm like this.

There's a big fuss over free medical care in Bolivia.

I have a little over two years left.



Sunken in the Priva-sea

I had a rather evil and funny idea. By now, many of you have heard or seen the Ceiling Cat meme (slightly unsafe for work). If you're local to Pittsburgh, you may have noticed that it has been raining recently, with usual umbrellas and similar. I would find it very amusing to make umbrellas that have the Ceiling Cat image printed on the inside (so as not to be readable from the outside) and loan them to people who don't have umbrellas and are stuck inside. This is funny in a few ways -- there's something amusing about looking up into one's umbrella and seeing Ceiling Cat, and a lot of people would open it, laugh, be embarassed, and close it again, hopefully walking with it, closed, through the rain so other people think they're nuts to have a closed umbrella in the rain. If they leave it open, it would spread the humour to a lot of people. A fellow on IRC, on hearing the idea, noted that random folk might see it as an invitation, which would be very bad.. but still funny.

One of the ways you know I am a long-term geek who was around when l33tsp34k was being invented is that I can read this at about the same speed I can normal English text. Of course, if I try to read it more slowly, I start to stall because I stop parsing things as en-masse collections of shapes and start parsing them as individual characters. Also at Uncyclopedia, this amuses.

Falling asleep on the couch a few times makes my back and neck very unhappy. Damn.