July 10th, 2006


TypOh The Humanity!

I have had amusing dreams and daydreams. One was an International Fleeing Competition, where people had massive, coordinated competitions of running away. Presumably amusing things were present that people had to flee from. There was a dream of having a Segway as well -- I apparently bought one in this dream, and was having a great time riding it around my dreamworld (this time something like a darker version of Brecksville). I met up with J and R, and J (who isn't so hot about Segways or my playing with the idea of getting one) poked fun at them a bit more, and then we kept looking on the thing for a model identifier (which we failed to find). It interests me that the human mind works this way -- that we can achieve the distance to realise that the world we patch together does not make sense, as opposed to that effort simply being used to fix the inaccuracy. Perhaps it's the spirit of pedantry, a lesser known cousin to Nietzsche's portrayal of one of the great evils, the spirit of gravity.

This weekend was a time of unexpected gatherings, where I bumped into some people I didn't think I would, some people I know met other people I know who I didn't think they'd be likely to meet, and other .. worlds colliding. I will also be helping a friend put together a website for a project they're involved in, which will be pretty spiffy.

I think "The Clonus Horror" is possibly one of the best films ever ridiculed on MST3k. It's extremely 80s, but actually quite good. This is very much unlike the film I saw with J and E, "The Last Dragon", which was .. quite bad. It made me nostalgic for "Tank Girl" and "Double Dragon" though, both delightfully camp and wonderfully 80s.