July 16th, 2006


Keyhole Adventures

The scanning facility at which I normally run subjects is closed next weekend. Attn: People from Columbus, NYC, DC, or other folk who might want me to visit: I can greyhound/amtrak out to where you are next weekend, arriving sometime friday and leaving whenever convenient (probably saturday night or sunday afternoon). If this would be a good time for a visit, let me know. I won't guarantee I'll go until I confirm (something might turn up here or I might get more than one invite), but things are looking good for travel. I don't mind staying in a hotel if propriety suggests it. I should note that I'd love to dance (Albion in NYC or Outland in Columbus) and get some indian food (Indian Oven in Columbus, Bombay Palace in DC, or a place I'd need to look up the name of in NYC). Note also that, depending on location, I will have some other people to visit in the area too.