September 2nd, 2006


Towers and Flight

That was a *very* strange dream.

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I picked up a copy of India Abroad (newspaper) yesterday at Bombay mart. The headline, "Indian population explodes in the US: Numbers rise 38 percent in five years to reach 2.32 million" caught my eye. For a dollar, it promises to be interesting.

Update: Wow! Great newspaper! It talks about issues!

One of the things I sometimes worry about with open immigration is that it promotes overpopulation in the countries that have a culture sane enough not to breed so much. Having too many people and the huge cities they need makes living unpleasant, and having an open door to immigration slowly undermines social progress if one is not very careful to assimilate, culturally, most or all of the incomers. Like with trade, I can say that I don't believe in the free, lassiez-faire version anymore. The welfare of the nation requires very active, careful treatment of these issues, from the middle-eastern immigrant communities in Netherlands and France to possible Turkish entrance into the EU.