October 15th, 2006


Tongue Surprises

Sadly, this is not as interesting as the title suggests. Two wonderful food relevations recently:

  • Chick'n'Tenders (a wonderful breaded tofu meal that tastes nothing like Chicken) taste absolutely wonderful with a bit of Cayenne Pepper sauce on it
  • Finally, a red wine that doesn't make me want to drink a gallon of maple syrup: Cagnina di Romagna. I don't tend to like Red Wine much - it generally is about as pleasant for me as drinking motor oil. This stuff is rather good - it's a fairly sweet, light-aftertaste red dessert wine. Thanks to Lizza for the bottle and the experience.


Last night, I dreamed that my hair started to turn silvery grey. The funny thing is, I didn't mind that fact so much as that I hadn't met my life partner before it happened, and felt further bummed out in that while I thought it looked ok, it would mark me as old and unlikely to find someone in time to start a family. This has been on my mind a lot recently..

As I was waking up, I captured Tortfeasor for a bit under the blanket. Unlike dogs, who when captured and don't want to remain so will continuously struggle, cats pretend to sit there, and then suddenly attempt to sprint away, if balked waiting a bit longer and doing it again. I got to wondering what can trigger the sudden sprints -- I doubt cats can do anything akin to counting to themselves, and so this ties into when the mind is more event-driven. I eventually figured out that whenever he tried to run, I was at the bottom of my breath cycle, just beginning to inhale the next breath. This is presumably some primal instinct.. it's a pity that cats are so picky on how and when they want to cuddle.

One of the games I've recently been playing with Beefalo involves her being on the other side of my laptop while I'm working, and I'll poke her on the back. She'll frequently spin around and take a swing at my hand, upon which I'll poke her back with my other hand. Games one plays with cats generally sound horribly abusive, but then, how cats play with each other also sound that way.

I'll probably head to Shadyside or the Waterfront to go clothes shopping today - anyone interested in joining (other things could be added to the trip) should drop me a note.