October 23rd, 2006


October Blogolution

For the few people using either my install of POUND or the software, note that now users can edit the settings of their blogs without mucking about in the database. Not all the bits are hooked together yet (deleting/editing topics isn't done), but the basics are there. I keep thinking about nice abstractions that would make all this boring prefs implementation nearly completely automatic - in theory, I should be able to provide metadata in the right structure and pass it to either a make_form() or a handle_formsubmit() as appropriate by the source URL, with each of them knowing how to unpack the structure appropriately to handle their business and without my needing to handcode parsing of all that stuff for each preference I implement anywhere. I just need to figure out the details and then I can refactor it all into something very pretty and concise. This reminds me of two very pretty refactorings I did in the past, the first in unifying the loading/saving code in PernAngband several years ago, the second in coding stuff for the Auton Lab in my last job...

The weather is miserably cold. I'm tempted to wear my coat and gloves to bed. On the upside, tonight's tea class (which I forgot about until the last minute) went really well - I learned more about proper temperatures and steep times for different types of tea, cleared up some misconceptions I had about some details of tea, and got a press and some more tea that I'm keen to try out.

I am unsure if I want to rent a car to drive to Columbus next weekend or if I should Greyhound there too - having a car there would let me be less tethered to any particular people and let me see more places/folk. Depending on if I'm staying in a cheap hotel or with someone, it might make a difference in how late I stay out and similar.. I'm also not certain if I want to stay until monday evening or not -- it would mean missing a meeting at work that's very relevant to my experiment, but it would mean being able to spend the beginning of halloween at Outland, which would be quite awesome. I'm leaning towards heading back on Sunday..

On the weekend afterwards, I'm heading to Philly for a Wikimeetup. Given that I don't know the city, I'll definitely be greyhounding or amtraking to get there - I'm currently looking into getting a good deal on a hostel room for that.

It's now looking pretty likely that I'll be heading to Ankara in December to talk about Wikipedia, which is exciting!