November 30th, 2006


Letters seeking Sentences

I recently had an image pop into my head of doing a photography experiment with light using something vaguely like the photograph above as content. Basically, I'd like to be wearing my hat, with dim lighting and one (or both) of my cats draped over my shoulder(s), and I'd like to have it be kind of dark in mood. Varying levels and types of light behind me might help achieve interesting effects. Any artsy people who would be up to giving this a shot, please let me know (multiple interpretations would be quite welcome). We can figure out some appropriate token of appreciation at the time. You can use my digital camera (Canon Powershot G2) or yours. I would much prefer that the content be released into the public domain so either of us can do whatever we like with it.


Sparky's Sight

I just downloaded the latest beta of Flash 9 for Linux, again slightly miffed that I've been mostly left out on a bit of web content for the last year or so.

  • Win: Standalone Flash Player. I can now save the set of SWF files I've saved over the years. Hooray! It still sucks that it's a closed format, but, like with a working mplayer, I can work with it again.
  • Mostly Win: Flash plugin. I looked into the weird GRE stuff that fedora-packaged Firefox comes with, made a copy of the shell script that launches Firefox, and modified it to start the 32-bit copy instead, so now I can launch a 32-bit firefox when I need to do flash. It's not ideal, but it might be handy sometime.
While writing this, I'm playing "Kenya". w00t.