Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Confessions, Apologies, and Flight

Recently, on the SFF mailing lists,there's been a discussion of emotional religious conversion, specificallyin the context of people pushing other people emotionally until theybreak down, have an emotional release, and during that period ofemotional vulnerability, them embrace the 'true faith'. The emotionalrelease may even be partly from emotional buildup caused by theemotional pressing done by the performer of the act. A thought --is confessional like a smaller version of this? I've never had one,but it seems to me that it could fill this role.

On to the topic I hinted at in my last journal (but never had timeto write). Israel/Palestine. I have been, until recently, convincedthat peace would be impossible in that area unless one side werewiped out, largely because of the degree of nationalism/religionon each side. I realize, however, that perhaps this degree isoverstated -- I haven't had sufficient data regarding the fervorof the masses. All I've been doing is paying attention to theleaders and other sufficiently loud folk. I came across a report thatmight suggest that there are significant numbers of Palestinians andIsraelis that are not of the 'all the land is ours, other races mustbe swept off it' variety. If this is true, then there may be a chancefor peace, and the weakening of the national/racial agendas over there.I still need more data, but if I am convinced that peace is possible,then it might change my position on what should happen in the region.Perhaps only the hawks need be shot down.

As for flight, well, it's not literal. But I'm now fairly prepared formy move to Pittsburgh. I have a place lined up (that I need to check ontoday or tomorrow), I'm getting further nibbles on jobs, and I'mbeginning to close my business here. It looks like Debb shall be leavingbefore I shall be (by, at most, about 2 weeks). Hopefully visitingoften will be feasable.

Bleh, work is keeping me very busy these last few weeks.

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