January 2nd, 2007



The way has opened for advertisements of some sorts on Wikipedia, and this breaches my prerequisites for involvement with the project. After talking with a few people on IRC and reading more on the list, it appears that the project has been thrown into an uproar over this, although the foundation board members and other high-up community members, by-and-large, don't seem intent to keep things commercial-free. I have thus left the project. I did not mind not becoming a Foundation Board member because I thought that things never could/would go this way, partly because I thought those involved shared this value and partly because I thought even if they did not, they would understand the lesson that the Spanish Wikipedia's split taught the community. I regret not having been in a position to stop this.

I've survived other projects making wrong turns before (e.g. NoWonder) and breaking with them. It hurts, but it happens. There are always plenty of other things that I can give my time to though. It still stings though. 4 years...

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Statistics and Gamers

It says something amusing that I'm playing a game where several of the players are geeky and educated enough to be arguing statistics in their attempt to discern the rules that the game goes by. Some of them, as people who have more ego than education, say some incredibly stupid things (e.g. "there is definitely a pattern as he describes it, which may be very close to 50%, but I agree with Godskook that it definitely doesn't prove it."), but at least the discussion is taking place.

I am considering doing daytime fasting for the month of February - I'm basically curious what long-ish term fasting is like, and it seems like it might be worth a go.

Pirates of Penzance is playing in NYC this coming March. I'm not sure what dates will work best for me yet, but I am quite intent on going. w00t. Also, Shabbat 1000 is coming up in February (I need to find a "table/group" to go with, if I don't just go stag), and I'll want to nail down the time for the Ceilidh (later this month) very soon so people can arrange to attend.