February 18th, 2007


Cat Amusement Amusement

The dumber of my two cats is trying to educate himself on technology - he now pays a lot of attention to any of my devices, from VCRs or clocks to computer screens, that have some kind of a digital display, sometimes staring intently and sometimes swatting. I'm afraid I'll wake up one of these mornings and he'll be talking to other cats over the internet.

It's too cold to spend any time outside, so today I did some testing of the OSD's ability to handle various video codecs, using my decently large videofile library. On IRC, it was suggested that some of the video choppiness may be more to bandwidth limitations on the USB port (which is, as it turns out, USB1) than CPU/software issues on the device. In theory, the device may be much better with movies over NFS. The interface (and to an extent the device as a whole) feels like it needs a lot of work though.

On the upside, now that I know to use the "normal" quality rate to get the filesizes I'm looking for, I'm starting the slow process of transferring my movies from videocasette. That rocks, even if it's a bit awkward.

Two interesting things for those of you really into privacy:

As little as I care about privacy (even back when I was a libertarian, I was of the privacy-is-unimportant school), these two things do seem a bit worrying. Their potential for abuse is great.

In a random IM conversation with a friend, I realised that if Insomnia (24 hour coffeeshop I spent many evenings in while in Columbus) were in Squirrel Hill, I probably would be staying there most evenings until 4am. Eat'n'Park just doesn't cut it as a place to hang out. It's unfortunate... I also realise that there are multiple "curtains of forgetting" that slowly move across my past, progressively covering more ground with increasing layers of opaquity. Much of High School is completely gone, my undergrad takes a bit of effort to bring back, etc.