February 28th, 2007


Scant Efforts

I seem to be giving very small amounts of effort/time to everything I'm interested in recently - I'm not really ignoring anything, but nothing's progressing very quickly towards being done.

On the OSD front, Collapse )

It looks like my grandma in Texas is dying, and she's likely to mentally only partly be there. I don't know yet if I want to go down and visit or not - I doubt she'd remember me in her present state (she's getting my uncles confused), and I don't want to talk with or see my father. If she would remember me though, I'd like to see her, and I haven't seen my uncles/cousins (or been to Texas) since my father's infidelity let to my cutting ties with him. On the other hand, if she's too lucid, she'll probably try to get me to take my dad's side(!) on the whole mess my immediate family has become. I never thought that the most interesting changes in my family would take place after graduating from University. Life is funny that way.. I guess I need to make a decision on this one soon. If I go, hopefully short-notice tickets to Austin wouldn't be too expensive.

The new reference brain at work is good - now we'll have more accurate Talairach coordinates for when we publish. The predefined ROIs all look pretty much the same (which is a good sanity check) -- now to redo my exploratory analyses. Hurrah.

Some coworkers got married. As always, hearing about these things with people I know is bittersweet. It also reminds me how long I've been here - I was here before they were even dating.

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