March 21st, 2007


Trial Length Analysis

For those without a computer science or psychology background, this will probably be unbearably dull:Collapse )

It's going to be interesting seeing what Europe will look like with Blair and Chirac replaced...

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Tonight was unexpectedly good. After work, I swung by the cluster, but was detained along the way to help a friend with database design homework. That was fun - I really like (SQL) databases, and I like teaching people CS-ish things. In the cluster, I heard about Tom's progress in getting a job, which is kinda bittersweet, and chatted a bit with Tarsus, who's actually pretty cool and I regret that I probably won't be here long enough to get to know her. Afterwards I went to the 61c (stopping for the start-of-spring free ice cream from Rita's), and unexpectedly ran into Dmitriy and Eric there. After that was a very nice dinner at a Philipino place with a bunch of friends (and because Pesach is near, the blue stuff is in stock and I brought some -- the 2006 vintage isn't as good as the 2005 or especially the 2004).

At the 61c I heard them play the beatles, and it was nice that random people who didn't know each other sing a bit together or dance/sway a bit - it struck me as a beautiful example of culture working properly, and made me smile.
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the weather's nice - hopefully starting this weekend I'm going to start spending a good amount of time in the park again.

Sleep schedule has been very erratic recently, as has been mood. Hmm.