March 22nd, 2007



It's hard for me to remember what I've said in public and what I haven't on here - I've become a bit self-conscious about blogging because I don't want to always be moping or saying the same thing, even if in the first it acts as a useful purgative and in the latter it lets me work on ways to better express some of my ideas or rework them in ways that they better fit with others. I never really wanted to think about what I write in that way, but I suppose it's a necessary consequence of my having one blog and a lot of different ideas on how it should be used. This might sometimes be for the better, for some notions of better at least - often in life we're better off being constrained by reality (or other people) rather than being left to our own devices. This reminds me of some further thoughts I've been having while reading the current issue of Middle East Journal...

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Every so often I go for a day without my hat, sometimes to let it air out, sometimes because I feel like it. It seems that I get a lot more positive female attention from people I don't know when I'm hatless - I wonder if the hat makes me look older, makes me look more southern-conservative (or maybe Jewish?), or if it's just that big, curly hair is a better draw. I'm rather fond of my hat, but it is kind of nice having girls be flirty with me. Hmm.

POG gave their report of the march - the campus police apparently didn't stop them, and they brag of graffiti, broken windows and lights, and otherwise making a mess. This again sounds more like catharsis than targeted action, especially given that the building was largely empty when they went in and I don't think they made it to the correct building anyhow. I wonder who writes their summaries - the style is sensationalist and it reminds me a bit of a few troll groups. Politics makes such interesting bedfellows... although to be fair they're pretty decent, cool people anyhow.

I realise recently that I've either seriously misjudged someone, or they've grown a lot as a person in a way I considered them to be fairly flawed before. I wish I knew which it was...


NYC2007 Trip

Vacation coming up!

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  • I should find out what "New Hope" is before booking the hotel room - if it doesn't interest me I'll leave Saturday night instead and drive home in the dark (which I'd prefer to do anyhow)
  • I should decide if I'm driving straight back or if there are any places between Philly and Pittsburgh that I want to stop.
  • I need to find out if any people I used to know (who I liked) ended up in NYC.
  • For fairly obvious reasons, I probably won't be offering a ride on the way there, but if anyone else is going to the KOL meetup and wants a ride back (and will be happy whether I leave on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon) and/or wants to share a room in the hotel in Philly, that'd be spiffy.
  • I don't know where I'll be clubbing in NYC on Thursday night - Albion is unfortunately closed. Suggestions would be very welcome - Goth/Industrial is what I'm looking for.
Update: Unless any other idea hops out at me, I'll probably be staying at the craptastic Aladdin Hotel while in NYC. Shared restrooms, a cost about $40/night, crazy coloured walls and a bulletproof cage for the check-in area. Hopefully it's the same as I remember it :) I never really minded hotels that are a dive, but when one goes beyond dive into "psychotically inspired", it matches well with the sense of weirdness that goth clubs tend to have. P.S. please help me find a goth/industrial club in NYC to go to! I might even get some stuff to dress up in..