March 27th, 2007


Surfing SQL Cascades

Last night, I made a huge pot of stew. It was a success, and using wine in the mix worked out well. This gives me hope that the bottle of Manischewitz won't sit in the fridge forever (after I confirmed that the stuff is too nasty to drink). I think the mushrooms made a particularly tasty counterpart to the wine taste. Unfortunately, I made too much stew - I forgot that I'm grabbing dinner with a friend tonight, and tomorrow a bit shy of midnight I'll be leaving for NYC (I'm planning to go to bed right after picking up the car), so I don't know if I'll have time to actually eat it all before I leave. My idea of stew is basically tossing everything that I think of into a pot with some water and heating it until the fluid bits get reasonably thick. It's usually tasty, but I should experiment with smaller pots.

Hopefully I can work in some accordion practice tonight too.. :)

Oh, I forgot that sunday is SIGBOVIK - that sounds much more interesting than Coulter. Hopefully I'll still be alive when I roll into town sunday morning.