May 4th, 2007


Demos Musings

A lot of interesting elections are happening all over Europe (as well as other interesting things)..

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Other stuff:

  • May's eyesore of the month is pretty amusing.
  • I think it would be horribly cruel to teach a French learning the english language that "The appellation of me is $name" is valid English - while it's, strictly speaking, true, appellation is a twenty-dollar word in English. At the same time, a lot of people use a lot of cognates (and other crutches, like writing Russian in Roman characters before one masters Cyrillic) when learning a new language - maybe deeper immersion in language learning isn't best for everyone..
  • I've also been wondering, given my dissatisfaction with "first past the post" elections for legislative bodies, what it would be like to use that system for a mostly-rump upper house (that could, say, only block bills, not introduce them) and use party representation for the lower house. An upper house of this sort would have a bit more power than the House of Lords in Britain, but substantially less power than the Senate of the United States.
  • I also wonder what a "care-ocracy" would look like, where representation is partly proportional to number of people voting... My intuition tells me that would be a bad arrangement though..
  • A handful of interesting things from Israel
I think that the axes that Geert Hofstede uses to analyse societies are very interesting (even though I don't particularly like the use of "masculine"/"feminine" to describe the axis they do). From my perspective (but with his terms), it would be positive to steer society to have a low power distance (except for an ideological centre of the state), be highly collective, highly feminine (again, I dislike the term he chose), moderately uncertainty-avoidant, and highly long-term oriented. I would be interested to see where my readers stand on these issues, if they find the question meaningful (and/or relevant - people who are very strongly against cultural steering even by means of commentary might prefer to opt-out).
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Reentrance out of Virtualisation

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Unrelated, my experiment is done and approved and will soon be ready for subjects for behavioural-only testing. The timing is pretty rotten with most of the students gone for the summer...

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