May 7th, 2007


Is Squozen not a word?

After an attempt to double check my spelling of "squozen" after firefox remarked on its spelling, I was horrified to find that no online dictionary has it. I grew up with that word, and it's at least part of *my* English. It's .. kind of funny to find these things out - I wonder if there are other words I've learned that are not widely accepted.

In a conversation with a Dutch friend of mine on AIM today, I came to a better way to think about how western nations deal with pushers of Sharia - this one with better parsimony with notions of rule of law - consider it to be treason (or handle it similarly). It's important, if one is to push rule of law very far, that the values on which the state operates are public, defensible, and able to be argued for, even if they're not up for change. I don't believe the state should permit, even with the (non-immediate) consent of all involved, Sharia or any other religious courts to handle these matters. As for when immediate consent is present, I am uncertain if I think it should be permitted (I know the notion of "should be permitted" are probably deeply repugnant to people who have certain ideas of the state, but they probably don't like much of what I have to say), but if it is, it should probably be subject to approval, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that the basic values of the larger society are given some weight.

Now, the previously mentioned commentary on the Etiquette article, as presented by Wikipedia, hidden nicely behind a cutCollapse )so as not to fill everyone's readers/friendslists with the long commentary.

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