May 20th, 2007


Not so Simplex

It turns out that I had a few misconceptions about the simplex method in a conversation I had earlier today. Oops. I also learned in a later conversation about some other algorithms that attempt to solve similar problems - this is something I should read up on.


You Have Gained A Level

Today was CMU's graduation ceremony. I went to the general one and then the CS one. To those that are leaving, I'm glad to have known you, and thank you for the chance to rub minds in RL. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. Congratulations. I hope to bump into some of you again wherever you end up...

I have some unedited and thus large photos/movies from today - I'll eventually thumbnail them, but for now I'd like to put them up so you can grab them before you go if you like.Quick ids:

Collapse )

If you don't want pics of you public, ping me. The SCS pics arn't that great because I didn't have a very good angle for photos. The AVIs are pretty much detailing what the room felt like and the robotic bagpipes.