May 25th, 2007


Rushdie and Kundera

I'm seeing interesting differences and similarities between Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" and most of Milan Kundera - both are of a genre that's ordinarily realist but occasionally fantastic or surreal, and with both, the inner experience of the (highly metaphorical) characters drive the plot. The biggest difference I see so far is that idealism is still possible in Rushdie's world - while belief is occasionally mocked and twisted, it still exists within his world of metaphors, while Kundera's world is dry of such things - the few times his characters are idealist, they become inhuman and cannot be understood. Kundera's life makes this easy to understand - as he breaks the third wall in several of his books, his books are like an intimate conversation with him. Whether Rushdie's writing is similar soul-bearing or not is not yet clear to me (I'd like to read more about his life and some of his other books).

Hopefully my Gameboy will make the Greyhound trip to visit family more bearable. I'd love to be doing more code refactoring on my blog during the trip, but the busses don't have power hookups. Maybe in another 10 years?