June 25th, 2007


The Field of Plausible Deniability

i thought i saw you, as i walked to, through, and out the door, reflecting
your face hesitant, your lips lightly repelling
the sweat from your forehead

ears thin, the slightest coating of hair, it catches
moist words that would drown or replenish
the unknown beneath your lids

i cannot rightly choose for you, the path
your dreams escape .. my fading grip
promises of tenderness but there's a gap
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    Leningrad Cowboys - Leningrad

MAC Trivia

Sometime within the last few months, I had a conversation with someone who hadn't ever heard "MAC Machine" as another word for an ATM (I usually say ATM, but sometimes the other term slips out instead). I don't recall with whom I was speaking, but I just looked up what MAC stands for - "Money Access Centre". Hopefully said person reads my lj.

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    Leningrad Cowboys - Those Were the Days

Enfrente de los niños, entran los lobos

Saw several people making out in public today. Now, at the Beehive, there are two dogs wrestling (playfully, with much gusto and noise) in one of the rooms, and everyone is watching. The first made me feel lonely, the second recontextualised the first into something different...

Another small obligation lifted..