June 29th, 2007


Late Night Transclusion

Thoughts on blogging:

Blogs fill different needs for writer and readers, different kinds of readers. Some people would like some kinds of content, some others, and not everyone really should have access to everything. Doing this on per-post level sucks - it makes more sense to have things just show up on per-section level. One solution: tag every paragraph by topic/permissions. During initial parse, keep track of how these are laid out, and during parse for display to an individual user, assemble bits that are both requested and permitted. Damage: Loss in narrative flow. Judgement: Acceptable. See also: Relationship between Wiki-style transclusion and Atom/RSS feeds. Transclusion for named elements that are fully specified - as Atom/RSS more of feed, for use in posts like this it would take query to further specify appropriate bits, or some kind of simple state management (maybe as simple as bookmark) to pull all things since last "compiled post" into an actual one. Still, interesting to think about blog posts as internal feed views and otherwise as less than single article. Note: Livejournal's lj-cut tag kind of hints at this idea, as does my blog software's PRIVATE tag. I have some unused hooks in my parsing code for things vaguely along these lines - wasn't initially sure how to implement idea in way that made sense. Coming closer to that now. Finding abstractions possibly worth implementing.

Misc:"Today": really lousy day, on many levels and in many ways. Brain: hopefully sated by sleepy trip to laptop. Back to sleep..


Partial Memo

Dperkins' masters defense was pretty interesting. The conversation I had with him on it yesterday had more depth, but I got more of how this fits with his research today - for those outside the relevant communities, it's about developing tutors for formal proofs. It reminds me a bit of the algebra tutors my research group is developing.

While there, part of me was chewing on memoisation - the efforts we take to avoid globals in programming have several reasons, many boiling down to constraining/shaping data flow in programs to enhance structure (and thus readability/optimisability/etc), improve performance, and in some languages/environments, let us do neat things like RPC-ish process/thread-objects. Collapse )Allowing that set to be semi open-ended (and thus backwards compatible if done right) would be pretty cool - the compiler could just optimise up to its ability to understand keywords, and maybe ambitiously geeky people might even create compiler modules for specific syntax/ideas they thought up (or would it *always* be best to do this in the language - something to think about).

I've also been thinking about a recent conversation where someone I think is a fun person to be around and an all-around pretty cool person isn't seen as such by other people - again due to their attitudes/actions regarding the other sex.Collapse )

Random amusement: A bus being towed in Squirrel Hill a month or so ago.. it's kind of creepy seeing empty, shut-down busses.

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