August 5th, 2007


Tender Bending

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Recently, I've been thinking a bit about gender again (again, from whatever perspective you approach the table from, know that the "liberal consensus" and "conservative consensus" in American society define the term differently, and on this matter my definitions may differ from yours). I noticed that when it comes to opening up to people beyond a certain point, it's rare that the people I feel comfortable doing so are male. Collapse )I don't like the notion of needing to compete on that front to attract/stay with someone when the very notion of becoming like that disgusts me. Further interpretations of that are straightforward - left as an exercise for the reader.

Comment: The Golden Nepal tea here is fantastic. Margaret's Fine Imports doesn't have it - I suggested she come to the Beehive sometime to give it a try.

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Not a Deer

LJ Tweaks

Attn LJ folks:
I changed the theme on my LJ, so if you had problems logging in to comment on my posts, it may be easier now. If you wern't commenting on my posts for other reasons, carry on :)

In theory you should be able to create new tags and apply them to my posts on LJ. I don't know how that works, but if it tickles your fancy and you know how to do it, have a ball.

Update: Alsø Alsø wik:
I've updated my blog software to properly handle backdating things with LJ, so I'm importing all my old blog entries from my real blog into LJ. My LJ calendar should stretch back into 2001 (although it'll take me awhile to get everything in).Done!
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