August 13th, 2007


The Ability to Kiss Honestly

Two people on a palendrome, one remarks that around them is a number of beautiful women, talks of "catching them", and changes seats for a "hunt" of "hotties", a remark that behind them both is "one for you". The other feels disturbed, a kind of liberal distaste. Not long afterwards, the sound of chatting from behind as the other commences with his hunt, hatted one guiltily looks behind, sees professional-looking woman, ring, not necessarily the light of someone who watches in the eyes, turns back. After letters reverse and palendrome is the same in a rotated sentence, sees man walk with one arm around a fellow passenger, another holding hands... reflects on self - who is the fool here? Step back - so concerned about propriety and being respectful that it encourages shyness, watching plenty of other people succeed by being at least a little bit less careful, engaging a humanity with the head that he's held with rubber gloves for too long. Disappointment.

Feeling: Two people could give exact opposite advice, both would feel insightful. Is this just a desire to be interfered with? Or perhaps there's truth that without motion, there is no life, and that any motion could be good?

Heart is snagged as a briar on someone's clothes. One hand does not meet the other. Kinda painful, but seemingly unavoidable. C'est la vie..

Trip: D's wedding went wellCollapse )

It's nice to be home.

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